ACME (Brunch), Rushcutters Bay

Multi-course set meals are on offer at quite a few restaurants in Sydney these days, but ACME is the first place we’ve seen a 4 course brunch (at $50pp) on the menu and why not when it’s as delicious as this?

We started off with something zingy to get our palates going – some slices of juicy marinated plum with a dollop whipped ricotta, all sprinkled with some wakame seaweed powder.

Marinated plum, whipped ricotta and wakame

This was followed up by the blockbuster of a second course – the Filo Sausage and Egg Sanga which was seriously the most glorious sausage and egg sandwich I’ve ever had (would be especially delicious for those suffering from a weekend hangover). Lashings of sauce drizzled over a quality sausage and a slightly runny egg that oozes pleasantly, all encased in a soft bun to deliver a punch of tasty savoury flavour.

Filo Sausage and Egg Sanga

For the third course, you can choose between three different options and we went with Sam’s Fried Chicken which was amazing (crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside) and was paired with a sweet ube waffle, drizzled with some maple syrup. We also tried the vegetarian option because it looked great on the table beside us and were not disappointed by the Roasted Pumpkin which was very soft under its thin roasted crust, glazed with a coffee butter and served with some steamed rice.

Sam’s Fried Chicken

Roasted Pumpkin

For the grand finale, we indulged in the decadent Chocolate and Pretzel Cookie which was naughtily rich and needed the vanilla ice cream to balance it out.

Chocolate & Pretzel Cookie

We washed all of this down with a couple of their brunch cocktails – the Brunch Spritz ($14) was refreshing with its blend of prosecco, blood plum, umeshu and shiso. while the Milk Tea ($14) was surprisingly easy to down, considering it was a mix of tangy Calpis (not actual milk) with Golden Heart Tea infused vodka. Who said brunch can’t be fun?

60 Bayswater Road, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011

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