Cirrus Dining, Barangaroo

Cirrus Dining is the fine dining option located at the end of the waterfront promenade at Barangaroo, run by the team behind Bentley with a strong focus on seafood. 

The modern minimalist style space is bright and airy, and while it is fine dining, the service and atmosphere is relatively laidback, particularly at lunchtime when we dropped in to try their reasonably priced tasting menu ($110 per head – decent for Sydney fine dining standards) for a special Excuse Me Waiter reunion meal while DK was back in town from Japan for a short visit. 

First up was the amazing Ocean Trout Parfait, which was rich and creamy, perfect when generously smeared over the crisp bread served with it on the side. I could eat this all day long.  

Ocean Trout Parfait + Fennel Pollen + Pickled Onions    

The other starter was the Kingfish with Green Tomato and Mexican Cucumber. The slivers of kingfish was slightly chunkier than you usually see and gave each bite of the fresh fish a bit more depth with the zesty flavours of the dressing it came with. The tiny Mexican cucumbers were also an interesting touch.

Kingfish + Green Tomato + Mexican Cucumber

I loved the Moreton Bay Bugs with Housemade XO sauce – you can’t really go wrong with the combo of fresh, grilled seafood and addictive XO sauce which is full of umami flavours. Best of all, the succulent Moreton Bay Bugs come right of their shells in one piece and are relatively easy to eat for shellfish – so you can enjoy them without all the mess and effort. 

Moreton Bay Bugs + Housemade XO Sauce

The Spanish Mackerel was slightly less impressive after all the excitement of the first few dishes, as its not my favourite kind of fish and it was paired with rather tangy and sour flavours courtesy of the green olive that it comes with. 

Spanish Mackerel + Green Olive + Fennel

The seafood streak was broken by the Rangers Valley Rump Cap which was grilled nicely to keep it juicy and tender, paired with a light mustard and chunky chips with addictive aioli. 

Rangers Valley Rump Cap + Mustard, Chips + Aioli (not pictured)

To round things off on a sweet note, we had their pretty Olive Oil Cake which featured salted caramel and crunchy bits of candied sorghum, for something a bit different. The flavours all ended up working together well to create a relatively light dessert that was still delectable. 

Olive Oil Cake + Salted Caramel + Candied Sorghum 

We thoroughly enjoyed the Cirrus tasting menu – Yvn had been fortunate enough to have tried their a la carte menu for work a few weeks before this visit and had enjoyed it, but found that their tasting menu was a better experience. While the 7 dishes on the tasting menu are shared portions, there was a full spectrum of different flavours to keep things interesting and the serving sizes were decent. It also doesn’t hurt that Cirrus also has a gorgeously decorated space that lets the light and water views filter in through their large glass windows – making the most of their prime Barangaroo position.

Cirrus Dining
10/23 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9220 0111

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