Kashiwa Yakiniku, Crows Nest

We don’t explore our local area as often as we should on Friday nights as we’re usually out in the city somewhere, but we made an exception one Friday night to catch up for dinner at the ever-popular Kashiwa Yakiniku with a couple of friends who also live in our hood.

This bustling Japanese BBQ joint is always packed when we drive past it on weekends and we’re not surprised when we find out how reasonably priced their wagyu beef is and why people are happy to share communal tables to roast that delicious marbled meat over a charcoal grill – even if that communal table is located out on the footpath next to a busy road.

Part of Kashiwa Yakiniku’s appeal is that they marinate their meats in three different sauces (Special Soy, Special Salted and Miso) – as it turns out, all of our chosen meats came from the Special Soy Sauce section of their menu and we’re happy to report that it is super delicious. We loved the Special Wagyu Beef Rib which was very tender, followed closely by the juicy Wagyu Beef Skirt and the recommended LA Short Rib that was slightly chewier.

L.A. Short Rib, $12.90, Special Wagyu Beef Rib, Wagyu Beef Skirt, $13.90

We splurged on the relatively pricey Spencer Roll Steak which was billed as one of the most tender cuts of steak and were not disappointed at all by the wonderfully marbled meat when it came sizzling off the charcoal grill for us to cut up into smaller pieces with our scissors. It was a decent portion for the four of us to share – along with the platter which had come before it.

Spencer Roll Steak, $26.90

To balance out all the beefy goodness, we also had some sides in the form of a solid Bibimbab Bowl, some strongly flavoured Chinese Cabbage Kimchi and Edamame to hit our greens quota.

Bibimbab Bowl, $10.90

We thoroughly enjoyed our lively Japanese BBQ experience at Kashiwa Yakiniku – we did need a booking to get in on a Friday night and only had an hour to order before they called last orders at 9pm, but it was worth the effort to savour their mouthwatering meat. Also, they’re a BYO venue so be sure to bring along a bottle of vino to wash down all the BBQ smokiness.

Kashiwa Yakiniku
7A Falcon Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065
Phone: (02) 9906 7393

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