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Contrabando, Wynyard

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Barrafina Tapas and when I heard that they were opening up a brand new Latin American restaurant next door called Contrabando, I just had to check it out. The team behind Barrafina Tapas has taken over the old Noble House Chinese restaurant site and revamped the basement location into something completely different – starting with the graffiti adorned hidden entrance, signposted only by the upside down Noble House sign on the street.

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MoVida Special: MoVida Sydney, Surry Hills and MoVida Bar de Tapas y Vino, Melbourne

I am a massive fan of Spanish cuisine and have been waiting patiently to try the tapas at MoVida for months. I first tried my luck at booking a table at MoVida Sydney back when it first opened, but it seemed that the rest of Sydney had the same idea as me and it was practically booked out for months. Luckily, my patience has paid off – the boy took me to MoVida Sydney for our anniversary, followed by MoVida Bar de Tapas y Vino in Melbourne to see how the two measure up against each other.

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Mooberry, Newtown

I know what you’re probably thinking – another froyo place? Sydney is currently chock-a-block full of these frozen yoghurt parlours and it’s getting rather hard to tell them apart…but I can assure you that Mooberry is slightly different from the others because it’s also a dessert bar, serving up warm goodies like Belgian waffles, churros and chocolate souffles to keep the winter chill away. The shop space isn’t that big, but has enough room for a few groups to dine in. Keeping with its Newtown location, it is quirkily decked out with astroturf on the walls, picture frames, mirrors and lots of purple, although surprisingly it doesn’t play on the cow theme too much (apart from its logo).

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Wowcow, Parramatta

This restaurant is now closed.

It’s no surprise that we are massive fans of frozen yoghurt. It is a relatively healthy dessert option, delicious with various flavours and toppings and very affordable. Last week saw the opening of four new frozen yoghurt stores; Praus in Eastwood, Yogurberry in Eastwood, a new Moochi branch at Westfield Centrepoint as well Wowcow in Parramatta. Sydney is really going froyo crazy!

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Big Stone, North Sydney

I love Japanese and Spanish food equally with a passion, but it’s easy for restaurants to get a bit muddled when it comes to fusion, especially since Japanese/Spanish cuisines are quite different. I’ve had some bad experiences with fusion cuisine but I enjoyed Big Stone’s take on it, even though there wasn’t a lot of actual fusing going on. This little restaurant is in North Sydney, tucked away from the main food courts so you really need to be in the loop to find it.

There’s the traditional Japanese style cloth banners hanging from the top of the door that spell out the name of the restaurant and the interior is neat; you can tell they’ve put some thought into the cute decorations. It’s lunchtime so we go for their tapas Tasting Platter for $16 which gives us 4 plates of our choice to share, and some soup, bread and chips too.


First up is the Sweet Corn Soup in an adorable little cup, which was milky, creamy and quite sweet. We dip a bit of the bread in it and I like how the bread gives it a bit more savouriness.

Sweet corn soup

Our chosen options for the Tasting Platter come out next and we start with the Wagyu Tataki. I’m not a fan of tataki because raw meat makes me paranoid about food poisoning but the tataki here is lightly seared, very soft and tasty so I couldn’t resist.

We have also opted for the Sashimi which comes with nice soy vinaigrette with shaved radish; it’s a bit sweet but the raw fish is fresh and delicious. The Potato Croquettes were a must order; fantastically light and crispy breadcrumbs encasing soft potato mash with some great light wasabi mayo sauce to dip it into.

Now, up to this point all the dishes have just been small portions (tapas style) of conventional Japanese dishes but lastly, we had also ordered some Chorizo which came out on a bed of caramelised onions. The chorizo was intensely flavoursome, but it was a bit of a strange experience eating it with chopsticks – I suppose that’s the meeting of East with West.

We were still hungry after these 4 tiny plates so we ordered 2 Wagyu Beef Skewers which were amazing. Juicy and tender cubes of meat which were still a bit rare on the inside, with teriyaki sauce on top and caramelised onion – you can’t really go wrong with that combo.

Wagyu beef skewers, $7.50 each

We had just enough time to fit in dessert too, so we tried their Churros (Spanish doughnuts). They were very light and crunchy while being moist on the inside, though they did taste slightly different from the other churros I’ve had elsewhere. These came with a little pot of delectable chocolate sauce, caramel and cream to dip into and the cream tastes like melted icecream.

 Churros, $12

Big Stone has attentive, friendly service from its waitstaff who continually clear the plates between each dish and it’s a comfortable restaurant in the North Sydney CBD area that I would return to. They apparently do an interesting take on paella too that I want to try out if I get the chance!

Big Stone
194 Miller Street
North Sydney, NSW 2060
Phone:  02 9956 6100

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