Mooberry, Newtown

I know what you’re probably thinking – another froyo place? Sydney is currently chock-a-block full of these frozen yoghurt parlours and it’s getting rather hard to tell them apart…but I can assure you that Mooberry is slightly different from the others because it’s also a dessert bar, serving up warm goodies like Belgian waffles, churros and chocolate souffles to keep the winter chill away. The shop space isn’t that big, but has enough room for a few groups to dine in. Keeping with its Newtown location, it is quirkily decked out with astroturf on the walls, picture frames, mirrors and lots of purple, although surprisingly it doesn’t play on the cow theme too much (apart from its logo).

The lone manager was looking after the store on the day we visited and while it was quiet when we put in our order, she was soon overwhelmed by a crowd of customers coming through and it took awhile for us to actually get our order served. Luckily while we waited for our hot desserts to come out, we were kept entertained by the 2 kid sized froyos with toppings that we had chosen – Pomegranate froyo with strawberry mochi, green apple pearls and pomegranate seeds for one and Peanut Butter froyo with mochi and biscuit crumble.

Pomegranate and Peanut Butter Froyo, $2.90 (kid sized serving)

I liked the fresh, fruity flavour of the Pomegranate froyo more and the burst of juice from the green apple pearls went well with it. But it was a mistake to order the pomegranate seeds because even though the distinctive tart flavour of the seeds was nice, we had to discard the inside of the seeds which was unsightly. The strawberry mochi was rather artificial tasting and I think I prefer original flavoured mochi instead. The Peanut Butter froyo wasn’t quite as impressive; on first taste it definitely had a creamy, nutty taste but strangely the taste disappeared the more bites that I took. The addition of the original flavoured mochi was good to give it an extra chewy texture to keep things interesting, while the biscuit crumble was a natural pairing with the froyo – at least while it still tasted like Peanut Butter.

Dark Chocolate Souffle, $10

The highlight of the visit was the delectable Dark Chocolate Souffle which was served warm, with a melted chocolate centre and drizzled with extra chocolate sauce on top, coconut froyo and chopped strawberries and bananas. I wasn’t expecting much as hot desserts are not usually the forte of froyo parlours but I was impressed by the moist, gooey innards which were full of fudgy goodness with every bite. I was a fan of matching it with the coconut froyo as it gives it an extra dimension of flavour, but the table was divided on whether it was better with the froyo or not.

MB Churros Sticks, $8 (for 1) and $12 (for 2)

Our other hot dessert was the MB Churros Sticks with Melted Belgian Chocolate – I had asked for a serving for one (I think), but the serving which came out was big enough we could share between 4 so it might have been actually been a serving for 2. Again, these churros was quite good for froyo parlour standards and the menu claims that they are made fresh and baked, not fried and it shows in the fluffy insides of the churros and crispy exterior. Also, the chocolate sauce wasn’t too thick, which was a blessing after our chocolate overload with the Dark Chocolate Souffle.

Mooberry seems to be quite popular with the local Newtown residents already and it does things a bit differently from the usual froyo chains – with decent desserts for when just froyo isn’t enough to curb your sweet cravings!

160 King Street, Newtown, NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 9557 4208

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