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Miss Peaches, Newtown

Miss Peaches’s soul food kitchen dishes up casual dining in the form of American comfort food, with a funky bar decked out in colourful furniture and callouts to Southern culture emblazoned on their exposed brick walls.

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Black Star Pastry, Newtown

There’s been a lot of fuss made about Black Star Pastry, but I haven’t had a chance to head over and try its legendary Strawberry, Watermelon and Rose Cream Cake until recently. It seems that the masses are still loving this patisserie, because when we arrived at 2pm on a public holiday, we found quite a queue ahead of us which was a worry as we only had an hour before the bakery closed. Luckily, the line moved quite quickly and soon enough we were inside the tiny shop itself, gawking at all the different pastry creations on offer.

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The Lansdowne Hotel – Phoenix Diner, Chippendale

Sydney certainly has been seeing an influx of diner-style restaurants opening up everywhere, including Jazz City Diner, Hotwheels Burgers, and now the Phoenix Diner. This is located in the newly revamped Lansdowne Hotel, located right in between Newtown and UTS. It’s a three-storey building that has seen an inner transformation, and the second floor is where all the foodie action happens.

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Mary’s, Newtown

There’s been a lot of hype about the burgers and fried chicken at Mary’s, so we hit it up before we headed over to try out Mooberry down the road at Newtown. Mary’s is one of those trendy places that hide in plain sight with no obvious signboards to mark the entrance tucked away in an alley – but if you look closely at the dingy looking door with peeling paint and graffiti next to Kelly’s Lounge, you’ll see “Mary’s” scribbled in permanent marker on top of the blue metal doorframe.

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Mooberry, Newtown

I know what you’re probably thinking – another froyo place? Sydney is currently chock-a-block full of these frozen yoghurt parlours and it’s getting rather hard to tell them apart…but I can assure you that Mooberry is slightly different from the others because it’s also a dessert bar, serving up warm goodies like Belgian waffles, churros and chocolate souffles to keep the winter chill away. The shop space isn’t that big, but has enough room for a few groups to dine in. Keeping with its Newtown location, it is quirkily decked out with astroturf on the walls, picture frames, mirrors and lots of purple, although surprisingly it doesn’t play on the cow theme too much (apart from its logo).

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