Chedi Thai Restaurant, Newtown

Newtown is an area I don’t visit that often, although the few times I’ve been there the food has been quite good (with the exception of one African restaurant…but that’s a story for another day). Newtown is known for the vast number of Thai restaurants in the area and so that is our choice of dinner cuisine on this night.

Tonight we are eating at Chedi which is situated on the main strip, King St, across the road from Newtown Thai II. It’s large, tranquil and well polished which is a nice surprise compared to the fast and cheap Thai eateries I am used to.

A quick glance at the menu shows the prices are quite reasonable and we are attended to in a timely fashion by the friendly wait staff. The food comes out not long after we have ordered – we only waited about 10 minutes before all our dishes arrived! So far Chedi has ticked all the boxes so our fingers are crossed for the food as well.

Panang Lamb Curry – $18

First up is the lamb curry. This is cooked in a Panang style which is creamy with spices and sweet undertones. The lamb is gamey and unfortunately hasn’t absorbed much of the curry flavour. Despite this, we solved this by scooping more curry sauce to go with the meat.

Barramundi Fillet topped with Green Mango Salad – $25

Our next dish which came out was the barramundi. This was filleted (no bones yay!) and topped with a green mango salad. The fish is fried and crispy which surprises us all as we thought it would be steamed. It’s drizzled with a sweet sauce which is delicious as it is still crispy when eaten fresh before it gets soggy.

Seasonal Vegetables with Silken Beancurd – $16

Our last dish is the seasonal vegetables with silken beancurd. These are crispy and fresh with a light soy sauce tossed throughout. It’s a good and healthy palate cleanser against our earlier creamy curry and sweet barramundi dishes.

Overall I am very impressed by Chedi. It’s affordable and quick with delicious food, classy decor and prompt service. If you’re willing to pay a few extra dollars above normal Newtown Thai takeaway prices, Chedi is the place for you with great value.

74/78 King Street Sydney, Newtown NSW 2042
Ph: (02) 9516 1127

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