Cherrypick Frozen Yoghurt, Darlinghurst

Sydney is now spoilt for choice when it comes to frozen yoghurt (froyo), with many franchised chains popping up in suburbs all across the city. So it’s actually quite refreshing to hear about Cherrypick, an independent family run frozen yoghurt store in Darlinghurst.

Cherrypick frozen yoghurt is the result of a family’s trip to the USA where they fell in love with the concept of froyo and wanted to bring it back to their hometown of Sydney. As the name of the store implies, the owners are passionate about picking premium ingredients for their frozen yoghurt to differentiate themselves from the various froyo chains around and this really shows in the quality taste of their froyo.

Often with froyo you end up with a sour tang even when it’s supposed to be a sweet flavour, but Cherrypick manages to avoid this with a smooth, creamy blend of yoghurt that allows the froyo to take on the attributes of the chosen flavours more naturally. They have a couple of permanent flavours (Original and Pomegranate) and a few rotating flavours as well – on the day we tried it we sampled the Watermelon and Chocolate flavours too.

Our favourite by far was the Pomegranate and it’s no wonder they have it on their permanent menu, because the delicate fruity flavour serves as a lovely base for toppings such as chewy nubbins of mochi (rice cake), diced fresh fruit, gummy candies or crushed chocolate and cookies. While the frozen yoghurt itself is 98% fat free, the many different toppings obviously reduce the healthiness of the snack if you choose to stack them on. We found that the fresh fruit toppings went best with the summery Watermelon flavour, while the Original and Chocolate flavours went best with the cookies and other crushed chocolate toppings on offer.

It’s not all about the yoghurt at Cherrypick either; they also sell adorable mini cupcakes baked fresh daily in quirky flavours you won’t see anywhere else like Pistachio Rosewater and Lavender Honey. These combinations do sound a bit too flowery at first, but the flavours are balanced well in the buttery icing balances so the floral notes are not too overpowering. The bite sized servings also make it easy to sample more flavours without getting sick of the sweetness.

With the arrival of Cherrypick in the area recently, the Oxford Street end of Darlinghurst is now well catered for in terms of the froyo craze. Best of all, Cherrypick is open until late so it’s a fun non-alcoholic way to cap off a night on the town with some relatively healthy desserts!

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Cherrypick.

Cherrypick Frozen Yoghurt
Shop 28, Oxford Square, 59 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Ph: (02) 8021 7859

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