Wowcow, Darlinghurst

I am a massive fan of frozen yoghurt (or ‘froyo’) and am super delighted that the commercialisation of froyo parlours is rapidly increasing. Today I am visiting Wowcow, a froyo store at Darlinghurst which is just a short walk from Kings Cross station.

Wowcow has multiple locations including Newtown and Parramatta (coming soon!) and as expected, their branding and decor feature cow-themed interiors. They have a great selection of yoghurt flavours and toppings similar to Moochi and Noggi, but unlike them, Wowcow feature a rotating roster of yoghurt flavours. Their staples consists of vanilla and chocolate and an additional two flavours which change weekly out of a total of 16 flavours (this week’s is mango and chai).

Vanilla/Mango Yoghurt with Yoghurt Chips and Mango Pearls – $6.50 for a medium cup +$1 per topping

Today my eating companion and I are sharing a double flavoured yoghurt with two toppings. Our mango yoghurt is very fruity and reminiscent of mango gelato. I find the vanilla a bit sour and less creamy than Moochi/Noggi but equally delicious in its own way.

Our toppings included some interesting mango pearls and yoghurt chips. The yoghurt chips tasted like small bits of white chocolate, but the mango pearls were delicious! They looked like giant yellow-ish fish roe and these pearls would burst in your mouth, releasing mango juice.

Overall, I am loving Wowcow, and loving that a branch is opening soon at Parramatta which is much closer to me. Their yoghurts equal Moochi/Noggi in deliciousness but they definitely have much more interesting toppings. I can’t wait to go back to try their ever changing flavours!

308/304-310 Victoria St
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Ph: (02) 9326 0400

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