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After my first experience stalking one of Sydney’s new Food Trucks, I had to go back for more. But this time, I was keen to try something different – cue the Eat Art Truck, which has also been receiving quite a lot of publicity recently as it is run by Tetsuya’s ex-sous chef Stuart McGill. The locations of this food truck are similar to those listed for the Cantina Mobil (Pitt Street Mall, Customs House, Queen’s Square) but they operate on different days and times.

On this occasion, we head to Queen’s Square as it is 7.30pm and the truck is due to move on at 8pm to Customs House. We have our fingers crossed that this time we catch the truck before it heads off and our luck held out when we laid eyes on the lone black van parked in the middle of the square. As the name of the food truck suggests, there is funky artwork adorning the back side of the van to make it easier for us to spot it.

Unfortunately, there were some restrictions on what we could order off the menu as they were approaching their departure time – so we weren’t able to order the Spatchcock Ssam with Crispy Noodles (which sounded amazing), but we were able to nab a few portions of the Pulled Pork Bun and the Chicken Wings with Shichimi Pepper to console ourselves with.

I’m not actually a fan of pulled pork normally because I find it a bit dry and stringy, but Eat Art Truck’s rendition is fantastic! It’s quite a huge serving with plenty of meat, mustard cabbage and hot sauce packed into a fluffy bread roll, so it is difficult to eat gracefully but who cares when you’re getting a flavour hit as awesome as this? You can choose either a sweet or hot sauce to smother your pulled pork in for this bun so everyone is catered for.

Pulled Pork Bun, $12

I was already impressed by the first snack of the night but I was blown away by the Chicken Wings with Shichimi pepper and chilli mayo drizzled on top artfully. The crispy fried batter coating the skin of the chicken was reminiscent of KFC’s Wicked Wings but 100 times better, with hints of 7 spices melding wonderfully with the chilli mayo. The juicy, succulent chicken meat underneath all the batter was a remarkable achievement considering the chefs only have limited space and equipment to work with in the van, but the taste was amazing. I could eat bucketloads of this stuff – it is so addictive! Luckily each serving is quite generous, with around 6-7 pieces of chicken.

Chicken Wings with Shichimi pepper, $8

We were disappointed that we didn’t get to try the Spatchcock Ssam on our first visit, but we chanced upon the Eat Art Truck again the next night at Belmore Park for some pre-dinner nibbles. This time, the Spatchcock was back on the menu and we pounced on it, along with more Chicken Wings for DK who had yet to try out any of the food truck fare. He’s definitely on the food truck wagon too now after this experience!

Spatchcock Ssam with Crispy Noodles, $12

The Spatchcock Ssam had about a 15 minute wait but was well worth it. Ssam is a Korean dish where a leafy vegie is used to wrap a piece of meat, similar to the San Choy Bow in Cantonese cuisine which you can find at Chinese restaurants. Eat Art Truck’s version features 2 servings of Spatchcock meat (a small chicken) on top of a bed of lettuce and crackly white noodle sticks for extra crunch. These were gobbled down quickly and were quite satisfying taste wise, but the Chicken Wings still edge out the others as the winner of the 3 dishes we tried.

Bottom line is that the Eat Art Truck does fantastic snacks at a decent price point considering the generous serving sizes. If you order one or two items, you’ll be stuffed and it’s practically a full meal, with the added bonus of trying a different eating environment a.k.a. sitting on park benches or standing around in a circle with your friends munching away.

Eat Art Truck
Phone: 041066 5178
Locations and times are posted on their website. The latest updates to their schedule are published on their Twitter.

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