Noggi, Macquarie Centre

When Noggi first opened at Macquarie Centre last year, I was pretty excited because there were no frozen yoghurt stalls in this area, the closest being Pink Guava at Chatswood Chase (which isn’t that good…). Plus, Noggi had free samples and stress toy giveaways! Noggi has since expanded a new store at Strathfield which I haven’t had the chance to visit yet, but in the meantime here is a review of the Macquarie one.

Situated on the cinema level, this bright green kiosk features three plush booths, some bar stools and cheap frozen yoghurt! They also serve smoothies and waffles and have a deal with Event Cinemas if you’re planning on watching a movie. Although paling in comparison to Moochi for topping selections, they similarly boast original, green tea and pomegranate flavours. The pricing incorporates three toppings included, with the option for a cheaper price if you don’t want toppings.

Midi (Original/Green Tea) – $5.70 (includes 3 toppings)

Today we are greeted with polite, bubbly service and opt for a midi sized yoghurt. Unfortunately this time, the presentation and portion of our serving is rather flat (how unlucky I chose to bring my camera this time too!). I will note that about the previous dozen times I have been here, the frozen yoghurt usually spirals above the cup resembling a soft serve cone. Not sure if today’s worker was just tired or a bit lazy :(. Nevertheless, the green tea flavour is delicious – sweet with hints of green tea bitterness. The original flavour is smooth with vanilla flavours and the toppings are fresh, chilled and go excellently with the frozen yoghurt.

What Noggi usually looks like the other times I order it

Everytime I visit here, the service and food is fantastic. I hope that today’s serving is not representative of their future service, especially since they just opened another store. Regardless, I will be back in the future to investigate whether or not my next frozen yoghurt will also be flat. Hope not!

Shop K411 (near the cinemas)
Macquarie Shopping Centre
Cnr Herring and Waterloo Rd, North Ryde
Ph: (02) 9737 8242

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  1. jax

    I love Noggi! I wish they did green tea frozen-ish yoghurt in a drinking cup… and a huge straw so I could sip on that goodness all day…

  2. I’ve been to Noggi Strathfield too many times in the past 2 weeks now. I recommend you hanging out with a Korean buddy there, its a very social corner of Sydney. Its amazing how interconnected that town is!

  3. i went last night mine was pretty high not flat at all and got waffles which was good so got another I like that you can pick 3 toppings some places you pay extra.

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  10. Maya

    As a VIP member, you get 15% discount. However today I was denied the 15% discount when buying a cone. This is the first time this has happened. Does anyone know if the terms and conditions have changed?

  11. Maya

    I was just told there is no discount on cones. I asked if this has changed. The girl was not helpful at all. She just said there was nothing she could do. Unfortunately after the renovation the prices have gone up and the serving size and customer service levels have gone down.

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