Our 1 year birthday

Hey guys, it’s DK and Yvn here. Today’s post is going to be a bit different from our usual foodie adventures because we’re going to take a little trip down memory lane to celebrate a milestone of ours…

Just a little over a year ago, we decided to start a food blog together. We wanted to share our many good and bad experiences eating out with our friends to help others choose where to eat. We often used food blogs as a guide for restaurant recommendations and since we both dined out quite frequently, why not document this? It took some time to come up with names and to plan the look and feel of Excuse Me Waiter, but today marks exactly 1 year since we published our first post on various eateries in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Early discarded concepts for the look of Excuse Me Waiter

Since then, we’ve been able to share with you guys some of our favourite food memories both in Sydney and internationally. It’s been a crazy ride with 130 published posts and we would like to thank all of our readers, followers and friends for supporting us through this journey. Thank you for reading what we write, for giving us feedback, for reblogging, retweeting, sharing, repinning and sharing our love of food.

Over the last year, we’ve started a FacebookTwitterPinterest, Instagram (excusemewaiter) and even tried Vlogging. We’ve had people reading our blog all across the world with the top 5 regions including Australia, USA, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. Some of the more exotic countries which registered on our reader map include Mongolia, Estonia and Palestine!

More recently, yesterday we launched our new URL www.excusemewaiter.com. So make sure to update your bookmarks if you haven’t yet!

In terms of achievements, we have surpassed all our expectations and recently cracked Urbanspoon’s top 10 food blogs in New South Wales. We’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to restaurant openings, food samplings, cooking classes and blogger events. We have also been enhancing our posts with guest editorial pieces which are featured on the new restaurant recommendation website My Doorstep.

We could have never done all this without the support of our loyal readers. So once again, thank you for following us through all our food adventures. We’d love more feedback on what you like about Excuse Me Waiter, what you think we could do better and what you’d like to see more/less of. If you have any suggestions, please let us know through email, comment or tweet.

Here’s to another year together, and let us reflect on some of our favourite food memories. Bon Appétit!

DK & Yvn xx

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Favourite memories over the last year

Seeing our review at the Good Thai front window

Eating macarons from Paris

Enjoying a Subway inspired dessert

DK meeting Hayden Quinn at the Masterchef Pop-Up Restaurant


Yvn meeting Kylie Kwong, Adam Liaw and Callum Hann at the Masterchef Pop-Up Restaurant

Meeting fellow food bloggers at various events like the Bloggers Picnic at Centennial Park (mm look at all that tasty food!)


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