A Subway Moroccan Feast!

We have always been fans of Subway as a relatively healthy fast food alternative (DK’s favourite is the teriyaki chicken with honey mustard and Yvn’s favourite is the Chicken and Bacon Ranch :D), so you can imagine our excitement when we received an invite to celebrate the launch of Subway’s new limited edition sub with some other food bloggers.

If you’re a Subway regular, you’ll know that Subway releases 2 limited edition subs every year (last year’s specials were the Wagyu Beef and Peri Peri Chicken subs) and this year’s first release is the Moroccan Lamb sub with mint yoghurt dressing…sounds nice and exotic right? Well they certainly kept with the exotic theme by choosing the Moroccan Feast restaurant at Randwick to host the event, with its elaborately decorated interior which really made us feel like we’d just stepped into another world, far away from Sydney.

SUBlime Peach – Vodka, black tea, fresh mint and fresh peach

We started off with their SUBlime peach cocktail in a fancy Moroccan style glass. The cocktail was made with vodka, black tea, fresh mint and peach; it wasn’t particularly sweet as the black tea taste drowned out most of the other flavours but was pleasant to drink.

Open-fire roasted aubergine with home-made aioli; slow-roasted Matbouha, and cooked green olives in tomato and chilli jam

Soon after that, we were presented with bowls of handmade dips and slices of baked bread. The dips were full of flavour especially the tomato chilli jam dip which was rather spicy, while the eggplant with aioli dip was milder. The bread was sprinkled with rock salt and drizzled with olive oil and it was soft and crispy. It went perfectly with the dips and was some of the best bread I have ever had.

There was a bit of a debate going on about whether the bread was Subway or not, with the two camps split fairly evenly. It was revealed later that the bread was indeed Subway’s plain white bread, freshly baked (with some added elements) and that our 3 course meal tonight would feature all the elements of the Moroccan Lamb sub, deconstructed by the chef and incorporated into traditional Moroccan dishes.

Spiced lamb cigars, vegetarian pastiles served with mint yogurt

Armed with that knowledge, we sampled the entrees of Lamb Cigars and Vegetarian Pastiles served with mint yoghurt dressing. The cigars were similar to lamb spring rolls (which contained Subway’s Morrocan lamb) and the minced lamb was nicely seasoned. Surprisingly, I also enjoyed the vegetarian pastry with its creamy mash filling and hints of garlic.

Before we were served our mains, all guests were treated with some in-house entertainment, a bellydancer! Adorned in bright blue clothing, the dancer clapped together small cymbals continously to music whilst gesturing guests to join in and dance. A wonderful and creative way to engage us and to enhance the Moroccan atmosphere.

Moroccan lamb meatballs and aubergine tagin slow-cooked in root-vegetable and tomato sauce, served next to a bed of couscous

Moroccan style barramundi fillet with chickpeas in a moreish reduction of chilli, coriander, turmeric, garlic & paprika oil

After the dancing, we moved onto the mains of Moroccan Lamb and Barramundi. Both were served with mint yoghurt dressing and cooked brilliantly, complemented with fluffy couscous which soaked up the strong flavours of the dishes. The Moroccan Lamb patty was sandwiched between two slices of soft eggplant and the Barramundi was cooked in a tomato based sauce; both meats retained plenty of moisture and were very succulent and tender.

Finely shredded red cabbage, grilled haloumi, pomegranate and coriander / Mixed herbs and rocket with hazelnuts and citrus vinaigrette

The mains were accompanied by an interesting salad of grilled haloumi cheese on a bed of pomegranate seeds, shredded red cabbage, rocket leaves, cracked hazelnuts and a vinaigrette. The haloumi was quite tasty in its pungent way and the pomegranate seeds added an interesting touch to the crisp rocket salad.

Pistachio ice cream with crushed cookies and raw tahibi, sided with fresh figs, grapes and Silan

As if we weren’t already stuffed full by this stage, we were then spoiled with a heavenly dessert in a cocktail glass – smooth pistachio ice cream with crushed Subway double choc cookies. It tasted just as amazing as it sounded, with the cookies providing a wonderful chocolate crunch to the ice cream. It was truly an indulgent way to cap off a night of innovative dining – the chef, Asif really rose up to the challenge of deconstructing the elements of the Moroccan Lamb sub and allowing us to experience it as a proper 3 course meal.

Hot apple and cinnamon cider

We finished up with a fresh fruit platter (grapes and figs) and a glass of hot apple cider with cinnamon which was very refreshing. It tasted like hot apple juice with a cinammon twist and was a welcome way to keep us warm.

All in all, the night was full of eye-opening experiences – from the belly dancing entertainment that DK personally took part in, to finally trying authentic Moroccan food (not very common in Sydney) and of course, experiencing Subway as we had never tasted it before. I think we’ll be heading back to a proper Subway restaurant soon to try out the Moroccan Lamb sub sandwich before it runs out!

A special thank you to Hill+Knowlton for bringing this event together and Subway for hosting the event. Also a huge props to Moroccan Feast in Randwick for cooking up some delicious Moroccan dishes; no doubt their normal menu is just as tasty!

The new Subway Moroccan Lamb sub with mint yoghurt is available now for the next 6 weeks. For more information, click here.

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Subway

Moroccan Feast
127 Avoca Street Randwick NSW 2031
Ph: (02) 9399 9882

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