Moochi, Strathfield

This restaurant has since closed.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the abundance of frozen yoghurt parlours popping up in recent years? The first (and best one in my opinion) I tried was White Apple near Town Hall in 2008. Not long after, Pink Guava opened at Chatswood Chase, Noggi at Macquarie Centre, Wow Cow at Darlinghurst and a couple more at Harbourside and World Square. Not all of them last unfortunately (R.I.P. White Apple) but the one which seems the be the new “it” place is Moochi at Strathfield.

Located opposite the plaza, Moochi is a small frozen yoghurt parlour. It is white and pink with playful paintings on the walls and astroturf on the ground. It is filled with young people creating quite the line and pumps mainstream music whilst an Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston movie plays on the wall mounted plasma. They mainly serve frozen yoghurt but also do smoothies and shakes.

Regular (210g) with 2 toppings – $4.90

We opt for a regular frozen yoghurt tonight, half green tea and pomegranate flavour. There are 24 toppings to choose from including a mix of fruits, puree, cookies, chocolate, cereal and lollies. The green tea is deliciously bitter and sweet and goes well with my choice of mango toppings. The pomegranate flavour is a bit too sweet for my liking. The other topping we get is blueberries which seem like the frozen kind, but still delicious.

Overall Moochi is a great chill-out place and way to end the night. With toppings for everyone along with cheap prices (and the claims of the yoghurt being fat free and healthy…no mention of added sugar of course :P), it is definitely somewhere I will come back to in the future to try the rest of the toppings! Lets hope this one lasts the mile and is here to stay.

1/7-9 Churchill Ave
Strathfield, 2135
Ph: +61 (0)404 454 596

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