Tim’s Cafe, Hurstville

There’s something comforting about the distinctive flavours of traditional Hong Kong street food and diner fare – from curry fishballs to mango sago desserts, all washed down with a mug of milk tea. Every time we go back to visit family in Hong Kong, we indulge in all of these treats, but the newly opened Tim’s Cafe means that we don’t have to fly 9 hours to satisfy our cravings when they hit anymore.

Tim’s Cafe is nestled underneath one of the new apartment complexes near Westfield Hurstville and serves up a wide range of home-cooked style Hong Kong street food and sweet soup desserts that cover off all our favourites, including a perfectly pulled milk tea that is smooth as.

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea, $3.80, Curry Fishballs and Pork Skin ($6.80), Soy Sauce Chicken Wings, $6.80,
Fresh Mango Sago, $9, Fresh Coconut Ice Cream, $4.50

First up, we tried out their delicious Curry Fishballs in a spot on broth, which was bulked up with servings of their Pork Skin (like crackling dunked in soup) and White Radish which soaked up all the curry goodness. Other savoury treats on offer include their sticky Sticky Rice with chunks of Chinese sausage (lap cheong), as well as their Soy Sauce Chicken Wings which are classic home-cooked style. Try their Deep Fried Chicken Wings if you’re after something more crispy.

Sticky Rice, $4.50

From their fried snacks menu, we indulged in their very crunchy Deep Fried Wontons (they’re a guilty pleasure paired with sweet chilli, but surprisingly not too oily). We also tried their tasty Seafood Spring Rolls, which had a delicate netted exterior – my favourite type of spring roll as there’s not too much flakiness outside before you bite through to the filling!

Deep Fried Wontons, $8.80

Seafood Spring Rolls, $8.80

When we visited again a couple of months after their opening, we discovered that their mains menu had been expanded with some Hong Kong classics like an amazingly tender Beef Brisket Vermicelli Noodle Soup that is a perfect meal in a bowl for cooler weather and some more exotic offerings like their Hainan Chicken Rice which features some of the smoothest chicken I’ve ever had in Sydney.

Beef Brisket Vermicelli Noodle Soup, $16.80

Hainan Chicken Rice, $18

Those with a sweet tooth are spoilt for choice on the dessert front,  their sweet soups come in a range of flavours like red bean, black sesame and walnut (which has lovely honey notes). Our favourite is the Fresh Mango Sago which blends fruity fresh flavours with a sweet, lightly creamy soup that’s lifted with the addition of bubbly sago – this particular sweet soup flavour goes really well with their freshly made Coconut Ice Cream that is packed full of that distinctive flavour and even has surprise chunks of coconut flecked through it. Their Sesame Ice Cream is also a great choice for those who enjoy Asian desserts – but don’t miss out on their classic Vanilla Ice Cream which looks deceptively simple but packs a punch of creamy goodness thanks to the actual vanilla pods used to flavour it!

Sesame and Vanilla Ice Creams, $6 each

The team behind Tim’s Cafe are passionate about their home-cooked style dishes and it shows through with their quality ingredients. The spacious eatery is decked out with bright, contemporary furniture that matches its laidback vibe that sets it apart from other Hong Kong style diners in Sydney, making it a great spot for a casual catch up with friends.

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Tim’s Cafe on our second visit

Tim’s Cafe
Shop 9, Level 1, Hurstville Times Plaza
127 Forest Road, Hurstville NSW 2220
Phone: (02) 8065 3841

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