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Yet another froyo parlour has opened in Sydney! Yogurberry, the international froyo chain set up shop in Strathfield last week, right down the road from 3 other parlours including the likes of Moochi and Noggi. They’ve already got several stores across Sydney including Chatswood, Eastwood and World Square and this time are upping the ante with their newest store.

The Strathfield branch is extremely large and more than 2x the size of their competitors, meaning you’ll no longer have to fight for a seat when all you want to do is enjoy dessert in the store rather than on a park bench. The store also has elements of a night club; although it’s not dim inside, there are flashing fluro lights, a DJ booth in the corner and loud pop/dance music blaring away. To top it all off, there’s a giant bunny roaming around dancing to the music which helps entertain the patrons. The Strathfield branch really does stand out against the rest of its competitors!


What makes Yogurberry different is that they are a self-service chain meaning that turnover is faster and queuing time is shorter. They’ve got a range of flavours you can choose from including Taro, Green Tea, Green Apple, Vanilla and Strawberry and an extensive toppings counter with fruits, lollies, cereal, syrups and more! Pricing is done by weight but generally at a more competitive price compared to other yoghurt stores.

Roughly $15 of froyo (full price)

Today my friends and I grab all the flavours with a variety of toppings. The highlights are the Green Apple and Taro versions which have distinct crispy flavours. My favourite toppings include cereal for some crunchy texture and fruits such as blueberries and lychees to increase the juiciness. Aside from the taste, another reason to indulge in froyo is the 98% fat free proposition (although it’s still not sugar free).

I thought that Strathfield was saturated with froyo parlours but it’ll be interesting to see how a fourth addition will affect the mix. Yogurberry is a great alternative to the others due to shorter queuing times, more seating and much better control over the taste of your froyo with DIY toppings. They’ve also got a larger range of froyo flavours and I’m in love with the Taro flavour so you’ll know which froyo parlour you’ll find me at when it comes to dessert time!

Number 4, The Boulevarde
Strathfield, NSW 2135

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