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Greek food is back in a big way in Sydney and we got to experience it first hand with the generous Yia Yia’s Table set menu (and some add ons) at Alpha Restaurant for their new Sunday lunch offering. Alpha in a nutshell is sleek Greek – from the gorgeous wooden decor (think Greek lettering inscribed into the exposed concrete walls and oversized netted lanterns), pops of bright blue in the airy restaurant space and contemporary Greek goodies on the menu.

The Yia Yia’s Table menu (good value at $55 a head) starts off with a selection of Baked Kalamata Olives and some delicious dips with Pita Bread – there’s the tangy and rich Taramosalata (white cod roe dip) and the subtly flavoured Melitzanosolata (smoked eggplant dip) which proves to be quite moreish.

Baked Kalamata Olives

Taramosalata and Melitzanosolata

Next up, we had the Sesame Leaf Dolmades which were stuffed with almond rice and served with a preserved lemon avgolemono (an egg-lemon broth). These Dolmades aren’t on Yia Yia’s menu, but are an exotic treat.

Sesame Leaf Dolmades, $12

The next course of Yia Yia’s Table is the Chickpea Felafel, a crumbly morsel served with a light coriander yoghurt.

Chickpea Felafel

We’re also keen to get into the Haloumi Saganaki, which comes out alongside the felafel in a cute small frying pan. There’s plenty of sauce coating each piece of chewy haloumi and it’s sprinkled with some oregano for extra flavour.

Haloumi Saganaki

Alpha’s Spanokopita (spinach pie) comes out next and is a lovely parcel of flaky, buttery pastry with some tasty innards of spinach, leeks, fetta and dill.


We’re then blown away by the phenomenal Moussaka of Eggplant, Seared Scallops and more of that fantastic Taramosalata. It’s a beautifully presented dish and tastes absolutely divine, with the soft eggplant enveloping succulent scallops and accompanied by the intensely flavoured white cod roe dip. This is another add on dish that’s not on Yia Yia’s menu, but is a must order in our books!

Moussaka of Eggplant, $26

Not that Yia Yia’s Table menu is stingy on the good stuff in terms of mains, which is a massive serving of Greek Spiced Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder. The lamb is out of this world – very soft, falling off the bone and oh so flavoursome. The slightly crispy skin on the outside is a bonus too, along with the tasty roast potatoes and tzatziki on the side.

Greek Spiced Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder

Although the Moussaka of Eggplant was undoubtedly the savoury star of the meal, I have to say that the Loukoumades for dessert were absolutely beautiful and came a close second. These little Greek donuts were a brilliant way to end the meal – nubbins of sweet, fluffy goodness, served with a delectable spiced honey syrup and candied walnut icecream.


Alpha’s Yia Yia certainly knows how to keep her guests happy and I walked away with a very contented and full stomach, after trying several new types of dishes that I had never had before. It’s a great spot for a group lunch on a lazy Sunday, considering the tasty dishes on offer and impressive decor.

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Alpha Restaurant

Alpha Restaurant
238 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Ph:(02) 9098 1111

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