Grub and Tucker, Newtown

We don’t venture out to the foodie wonderland that is Newtown much but today we decide to check out Grub and Tucker, one of the many restaurants on King Street. The vibe of the place fits in with the breezy weather – kind of a beachy restaurant with flaking polish on their wooden furniture, high back rattan chairs and padded cushions.

The boy has been here before and knows to order himself the Lamb done 3 ways, which comes with steamed green beans and potato mash. There’s buttery soft lamb shank with meat that falls right off the bone which we both can’t get enough of, lamb ribs which are tough at first but gets softer as you munch through it, and the lamb sausage is intensely savoury but quite dry, so it’s a good thing that it came with some dark gravy.

Lamb 3 ways, $24.50

I love my seafood on warm summer days so I went for the Tiger Prawn Risotto with sundried tomato, marinated capsicum, spinach, parmesan, homemade chilli jam and shallots. That’s a lot of ingredients in one dish and they combined together delectably to produce a soft and creamy risotto with plenty of flavour in every mouthful. It was a pretty big serving and had generous amounts of chopped up juicy prawns (it’s awesome when restaurants de-shell their prawns :D)

Tiger prawn risotto, $18.90

As the name of the restaurant would suggest, Grub and Tucker does tasty modern Australian food in a relaxed environment. The lamb shank was the highlight of the meal and was to die for, otherwise the rest of the food is pretty decent too and the restaurant itself is a nice place to chill if you’re ever in the area shopping or catching up with friends. There’s a courtyard at the back too which we didn’t end up checking out – just head down the long corridor once you’re inside.

Grub & Tucker
191 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
Phone: (02) 9516 4970 ‎

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  • Miss Piggy says:

    I walk a past quite often but haven’t ever gone it. Looks like pretty yummy cafe food.

  • Gaby says:

    This is one of the few cafes on King Street I haven’t tried yet. The lamb looks great!

  • That lamb looks to die forrrrrrrrrr!

  • I used to live down the road from Grub and Tucker (or “Grubbies” as my housemate used to say – eww!) so this place was one of my go-to locals. Your boy is a wise man ordering the lamb 3 days, it was my favourite dish there so it’s good to know it’s still on the menu!

  • Liv says:

    I have to say, this place received my only negative blog post – usually if I don’t like a place, I just don’t blog it. But I felt so cranky after my experiences here, the service was shoddy and the food wasn’t much better. Maybe I got them on an off day? Maybe I’ll give them another go, and get some of that lamb…?

    • That’s such a shame that your experience wasn’t great…I suppose every restaurant can have their ups and downs. Perhaps we were lucky that it was a decent meal that we had there. I think it is worth another visit for you to try the lamb though!

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