Out of Italy, Rushcutters Bay

This cosy little pizza bar had caught my eye the last time I was in the Kings Cross area because it was packed out with patrons and smelled divine. So when I headed back to Bayswater Road one evening, I decided to see for myself if the pizza tasted as good as it had smelt the other night. This authentic Italian eatery has very limited seating as most of its space is taken up by the open kitchen – there’s about room for 4 couples inside and a few more tables outside but as we had come early at 6pm on a Tuesday night we were able to nab the last table inside.

We started with an Italian beer for him (Birra Moretti) and an adorable little Santa Vittoria peach fruit nectar for me with 50% real fruit in it. The peach nectar went down nicely and was just the right thickness so that it wasn’t overly sweet, while keeping true to its peach flavours.

Birra Moretti, $7 and Santa Vittoria Peach Fruit Nectar, $3

Not too long after that, we were served with a decently sized thin crust Gamberi pizza which featured tomato, cheese, prawns, garlic and chilli. The ingredients are pretty standard for a seafood pizza, but the portioning was done just right on the pizza so that there was a juicy prawn or two on each slice of pizza and enough seasoning from the garlic and chilli to make the fresh flavours pop in your mouth.

Gamberi pizza, $18

We had also ordered a Salsicca Penne to share, which is a simple pasta tossed with Italian sausages, fresh mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, garlic and basil. The pasta was a relatively small serving, but that was expected considering it is priced much more reasonably than pastas at other Italian restaurants we’ve eaten at. The chunks of Italian sausages delivered much needed flavour to the pasta but apart from that, there wasn’t much sauce used in it at all, which meant that flavour wise, the pasta paled in comparison to the pizza. I suppose that’s not completely unexpected given that this is a pizza bar after all.

Salsicca Penne, $13

On a side note – if you do decide to go to Out of Italy, beware that there is not much space inside to place your bulky items if you do tend to use large backpacks/gym bags etc. To give you an idea of how small the restaurant is, we were just barely able to fit 2 drinks, 1 pasta and 1 pizza onto the tiny table using a metal pizza rack to elevate the pizza above the rest of the dishes. I had just enough room to put my handbag on the bench next to me, but otherwise we were sitting pretty much elbow to elbow with the other diners. Overall, the pizza definitely lived up to my expectations from smelling the aromas last time and I would come back to try more flavours!

Out of Italy
1/51 Bayswater Road, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011
Phone: (02) 8021 9686

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