Dos Senoritas, Gladesville

With the weather gradually getting cooler, I’ve recently been craving some hearty Mexican food. I’m used to only eating this at food courts and not at proper restaurants, so it’s about time I found an actual Mexican restaurant. My friend told me about this place at Gladesville which is allegedly super authentic and one of the best Mexican restaurants in Sydney, so of course I had to check it out!

As we pulled up on Victoria Road, we’re greeted outside Dos Senoritas by one of the workers in a huge poncho who is waving at all the passing cars. The restaurant is medium sized and takes up two small retail spaces. While we browse the menu and decide what to order, some complimentary corn chips are brought out with tomato salsa. They’re super crunchy and the salsa is chunky and spicy, perfect for nibbling on although the spiciness builds up quite quickly.

Horchata – $5; Jamaica – $5

After we order, our drinks come out quite promptly. I opted for the Horchata which is a traditional sweet Mexican rice drink with cinnamon and vanilla. In short, it tastes like a watered down version of rice pudding, minus the lumps of rice. It’s not the best tasting drink unfortunately. My friend opts for the Jamaica which is a hibiscus flower drink. This one tastes like ribena minus the sugar, and we conclude that Mexican drinks probably aren’t our cup of tea.

Tex-Mex Burro – $25

Thankfully our food comes out quickly after the drinks. The portions here are huge and we’ve decided to share two dishes between our party of three. First is the burrito which is full of ground beef, rice, beans and cheddar cheese topped with spicy cheese sauce, sour cream, salsa and guacamole. We somehow manage to cut it into three portions and the fillings are overflowing out of the tortilla wrap. The beef mince is extremely well flavoured and it’s a perfect combination with all the other elements on the dish. By the time we finish it, we’re all in a satisfied state but then comes the next dish…

Fajita Combo – $29

Our second dish is the fajita combo, consisting of chicken and steak with sour cream, salsa, guacamole, beans, rice and tortilla wraps hidden underneath the plate to stay warm. It’s essentially an open version of the burrito we just had with a different type of meat. We get about half way through this before we give up – there’s simply too much food and I’m so ashamed to have been defeated by the food!

Churros – $6

Despite being stuffed full, my friends somehow find space for dessert (I am still reluctant to eat any more). We get churros which are normally served as one long cinnamon stick, however they happily cut it into thirds for us. It’s served drizzled with a chocolate sauce which isn’t that sweet. The churros are soft outside and a little bit crispy on the inside. It’s a nice end to the night, especially since it’s not that sweet but I still prefer San Churros more; my friend however prefers this one due to the softer dough inside.

Overall Dos Senoritas does live up to the claims of authentic Mexican and there’s no way that you’ll ever leave here hungry. It’s exceptional value since the servings are all so huge, and kudos to anyone who manages to finish a dish by themself, but if you do head here my recommendation is to share!

Dos Senoritas
265D Victoria Rd, Gladesville NSW 2110
Ph: (02) 9817 3737

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