Bom Caffé, Eastwood

Has anyone else noticed a lot of new restaurants popping up over Eastwood recently? In the last two months, I’ve noticed four which is quite a lot. But it means more new food to try! And finally filling the long empty void that is the dessert specialist sits Bom Caffé.

Situated on the Korean side right across the station, Bom Caffé is furnished like a home out of another era; walls lined with paintings and clocks, marble white and baby pink furnishings, tea cups and ornaments scattered around. It features an eat-in and takeaway menu including waffles, ice cream and an assortment of drinks.

Green Tea Latte – $3.90 (eat in price)

Tonight we order mainly drinks. I personally prefer anything green tea flavoured which I order to taste strongly of green tea. Unfortunately the green tea latte which I got is far too milky – the green tea taste is extremely diluted. There are also hints of cinnamon which I find strange with green tea.

Ice Green Tea Latte – $4.90

My friend orders the cold version and it’s pretty much like mine – milky with hints of cinnamon. However, their drink tasted more like room temperature with ice cubes in the glass, a bit disappointing that it wasn’t cold enough.

1 Scoop of Gelato – $4

Next up is a scoop of cherry gelato. It is smooth, creamy and tastes exactly like artificial cherry flavouring! I absolutely detest that cough medicine flavour but my friend seems to like it. Flavours aside, the texture and creaminess is pretty well done.

Strawberry Yoghurt – $6.50

Last up is the strawberry yoghurt smoothie. Like the name suggests, it tastes just like sweet strawberry yoghurt but in drink form. More syrupy consistency than a smoothie, it is cold this time and tastes quite good! But should be drunk slowly.

Overall, I’m not that impressed by Bom Caffé. I’m still waiting for a good dessert specialist to open up at Eastwood but until then, the closest and best one I’ve tried would be Oliver Brown at Top Ryde.

Caffé Bom
15 Railway Parade
Eastwood, NSW 2122
Ph: (02) 9874 3363

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  • Lil says:

    I find this place a tad pricey, but I love the decor! Meet Fresh recently opened up where Easyway used to be.

  • I used to be a regular customer of this place when I was living in Eastwood. My fav was green tea latte and waffles with ice-cream. The service is slow, especially when you order their wonderful waffles, but the staff is quite friendly. OMG I miss “Caffe Bom” a lot !!!

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