The Bunker, Darlinghurst

There are so many choices for breakfast in Darlinghurst, but it looks like the locals flock to The Bunker for some quality bites and coffees to start off their day. We probably wouldn’t have even noticed The Bunker, except for the huge Campos coffee umbrellas which are outside the inconspicuous cafe entrance and the masses of people milling about.

It is a cafe that lives up to its name – it really does feel like some sort of underground cell where people would huddle in, but luckily it’s very well stocked with resources to feed the hungry crowds seated at their communal tables. We’re feeling like a savoury breakfast this morning and we are blown away by the pork belly roll with watercress, tomato and soy ginger glaze. As the ingredients would suggest, it tastes vaguely Asian but with a contemporary twist. The roll is so full of crunch and flavour that I almost want to order another one.

Pork belly roll with watercress tomato and soy ginger glaze $9.50

I’m always drawn to chorizo with anything, so we also get the chorizo and poached egg muffin with relish but unfortunately it fails to live up to the high bar that the pork belly roll set. It tastes decent but doesn’t give quite the same type of flavour explosion.

Chorizo and poached egg muffin with relish $6.50

Of course, we also tried out their coffee and both their cappuccino and mocha get the tick of approval from us. We finish off by taking a chocolate brownie with blackcurrant with us for the road ($4). It was soft, crumbly but also a bit crunchy like a good brownie should be (sorry no photos because we demolished it before I could take one!)


 Cappuccino $4, Mocha $4

If you can’t be bothered to wait for the famous Bill’s (down the road), then The Bunker is a fantastic alternative for a lazy morning breakfast. 

The Bunker
399 Liverpool Street  
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Phone: (02) 8094 9308

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