Dose Espresso, Willoughby

There is a wind of change sweeping through the cafe scene in Sydney – they’re sleeker, more stylish, serving a greater variety of coffees and gourmet food offerings (see Reuben Hills and The Baron). We came searching for Dose Espresso after reading that it does one of the best coffees in Sydney and we were not disappointed at all.

I spotted the affogato on the menu but unlike the usual scoop of vanilla ice-cream mixed with coffee, this one came with a choice of either pistachio or salty peanut gelato. I opted for the latter and the boy went for his usual cappuccino which had a rich coffee aroma, with good texture. The affogato was an interesting mix of sweet and salty and the gelato was really delicious on its own but combined strangely with the coffee at first. After the gelato melted a bit, the creaminess blended with the coffee nicely and there were also peanuts and chunks of chocolate that you could munch on. Definitely an affogato with a twist which you don’t see very often on the menu in Sydney.

Affogato with salty peanut gelato, $5.50, large cappuccino $3

It was also brunch time for us so we ordered two of their toasted sandwiches, one from their breakfast menu and one from their lunch menu. The prosciutto sandwich on organic sourdough came with tomato, basil pesto and mozzarella, all neatly toasted and sliced into halves for us to share. It looked pretty simple but the pesto was quite strong, drowning out the saltiness of the prosciutto. The organic sourdough was fluffy and airy, nicely textured and different from the norm.

Prosciutto, tomato, basil pesto, mozzarella on organic sourdough $11

Their poached chicken breast with garlic mayo, celery, rocket on toasted quinoa and soya bread was really flavoursome. A chicken with mayo sandwich is always a winner in my books and the fresh ingredients used in this one brought it to another level of tastiness, especially with the garlic mayo. Definitely worth a repeat visit.

Chicken with garlic mayo toasted sandwich, $12

These days, it feels like the newer cafes popping up around Sydney are channeling a more Melbournian vibe when it comes to their decor and menu, but that’s great news for Sydneysiders. Dose Espresso is a fantastic addition to the North Shore coffee scene and it already looks like a hit with the locals who know where to find it (hidden inside the courtyard of a shopping arcade that is yet to be opened).

Dose Espresso
187-191 High St
Willoughby North, NSW 2068
Phone: 02 9967 2552

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