Pony Lounge and Dining, The Rocks

After our first visit to Pony at Neutral Bay, I was keen to try out Pony’s proper food instead of just dessert, and it sure did live up to the high standards that the desserts had set in my mind. We tried out Pony at The Rocks for lunch this time and found it to be quite delicious Modern Australian cuisine at a decent price point considering the location of the restaurant.

We started with a couple of oysters with Nahm Jim dressing and crisp eschallots. I love that they allow you to order the oysters individually rather than as a pre-set batch of a dozen or half because sometimes I don’t feel like eating that many oysters at once. The raw oysters were very fresh, although not very big. The Thai inspired sour and slightly chilli dressing complemented the freshness of the oysters well and the fried onions sprinkled on top added a nice crunch.

Oysters with Nahm Jim dressing ($3.90 each)

As another starter we also ordered their grilled chorizo which came with coriander as well as a tasty tomato and chilli jam to mix it with. The chorizo alone was bursting with savoury goodness but the sauce added a great layer of tang to it.

Grilled chorizo, $9.60

We also decided to try their seared sirloin which was very tender and soft, just slightly cooked but mostly still rare and drizzled with soy basil dressing which brought out the flavour of the beef.

Seared sirloin, $12.30

For our main dish, we shared a linguine with prawns and a rich tomato sauce. The prawns were succulent and fresh, as well as de-shelled (just the way us lazy people like it) and the sauce was appropriately chunky with some onions mixed in throughout. It wasn’t a huge serving considering the price, but it was still enough to share after all those starters we had already.

Linguine with prawns $32

The décor of Pony at The Rocks is a different type of sleek compared to the Neutral Bay restaurant which has more of a lounge vibe to it. The Rocks branch feels more like a proper restaurant with a modern wooden interior and an open kitchen that has a cute pony hair design bench in reference to its name and a long wooden table outside for those days where you’d rather soak up the sun or enjoy the balmy weather at night.

Pony Lounge and Dining
14-15 Kendall Lane
The Rocks NSW 2000
(02) 9252 7797

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