Golden Gaytime Ice Cream Cake

In celebration of my colleague’s birthday, I decided to make them a cake! I decided that an ice cream cake would be an instant winner, with the legendary Golden Gaytime often winning the popularity vote. A quick search on Google brought up a fellow blogger who had made their own Golden Gaytime Ice Cream cake. Here is my version of their recipe:

Items Required

A plastic bowl
Cling wrap
A knife
A spoon

A box of Golden Gaytime ice creams. One box contains 4x Gaytimes which was more than enough for a small cake
Vanilla ice cream
Plain biscuits

Remove the Golden Gaytimes from the freezer and leave them for about 10 minutes at room temperature to soften. Meanwhile line the plastic bowl with cling wrap. Ensure that all sides are covered. After this, crush up some biscuits. Both broken pieces and fine biscuit dust is fine.

Remove the Gaytimes from the wrapper and hold it inside the bowl. Run the knife (butter knife is fine) down the stick to cut the Gaytime in half and line the nutty side of the Gaytime against the cling wrap. Use as many as needed to line the entire bowl.

Place some vanilla ice cream in the middle of the both and use the spoon to push it firm against the Gaytimes lining the side. Then layer this up with more biscuits and ice cream to suit. I have finished mine with a fine biscuit crumble base.

Following this, cover the top of the bowl with more cling wrap and place the entire bowl in the freezer to harden. When ready to serve, unwrap the cling wrap while the cake is still upside down. Place a plate on top and flip the cake, then remove the rest of the cling wrap. Cut, serve, eat, enjoy! 🙂


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