Deus Cafe (Deus Ex Machina), Camperdown

Hidden away at Camperdown is a large warehouse which is the home of Deus Ex Machina – a cafe (called Deus Cafe), clothing store and motorbike warehouse. Who would have thought that a brand could extend to so many different products!

It’s a bit hard to spot Deus Cafe at first as it’s surrounded by motorbikes which is rather unconventional for a restaurant, but if you’re aware of this fact it’ll help as a landmark. The warehouse itself is quite large, with the cafe component in a dining hall type setting with artwork lining the walls and handwritten specials. I notice there’s a 10% surcharge on weekends which I’ve mentioned as a pet hate before; I feel it unfair to be charged more to eat on weekends, especially since as a full-time worker I simply cannot make it here on weekdays! Oh well, such is life.

Slow Cooked Boston Beans, Pork Sausage, Baby Spinach and Poached Egg – $17

Today I’m sharing brunch dishes with some friends of mine. The first to come out are the beans which are very smoky in flavour. On top of them are three sausages which are quite gamey and a bit spicy. The egg is poached well with a runny centre and I find the yolk makes the beans taste a bit funny, but otherwise it goes well when put on top of the bread.

Dill Cured Tasmanian Salmon and Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Brioche – $16

Next is the salmon, which is served cold and it is very light and refreshing. The eggs are soft, buttery and creamy and everything you could want in scrambled eggs. The brioche reminds me a cat face due to its shape and has a pleasantly fluffy texture. Despite looking like it was toasted, it’s actually more cakey in consistency but delicious when topped with a mix of all the components. This dish blew me away and is highly recommended for anyone paying Deus Cafe a visit.

Corn Fritters (side dish) – $4 each

To finish it off, we get a side of corn fritters. These are quite doughy in consistency, similar to a Korean pancake, and not as crispy as I expected them to be. They are filled with corn and capsicum which gives it plenty of flavour, but because of its consistency the fritters can turn a bit soggy.

Somehow Deus Ex Machina has managed to maintain its brand status in fashion and motorbikes whilst successfully expanding into the food industry. Aside from the weekend pricing, the food is quite good especially that salmon with scrambled eggs and brioche! That’s one dish I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Deus Cafe
98-104 Parramatta Rd
Camperdown NSW 2050
Ph: (02) 9519 3669

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