Grain Bar, The Rocks

At the intersection of The Rocks and Circular Quay areas of George Street sits Grain Bar, a sleek new venue located at the Four Seasons Hotel. It is all polished wooden surfaces with touches of copper in the decor and a dimly lit interior which lends it a sophisticated vibe, making it a popular Friday night work drinks spot.


Apart from the rather strong cocktails on its menu, they also serve up a light bar food menu which is what draws us here today for lunch. It’s quite empty at noon as the corporate crowd might not have cottoned onto the fact that Grain Bar is a lovely setting for a work lunch. I was hoping to try their Lardo with Pollen but they’ve run out today so I settle for their Pork Sausage Roll with Thyme, while my lunch buddy gets a Beef Burger.


The food takes surprisingly long to get to us, considering there are only 2 other tables occupied in the bar but it was worth the 30 minute wait. To my surprise, the Pork Sausage Roll is not really an authentic sausage roll as it actually features flaky bits of meat enveloped in a buttery pastry which breaks apart very easily as I try to slice it into managable pieces. I like that the pork is fresher than an actual sausage would have been and it appears that the pastry had been just prepared in the kitchen as well, so it’s a much fancier take on a fast food sausage roll.

Pork Sausage Roll with Thyme, $14

My friend is also impressed with the flavours of his beef burger but unfortunately all the juices from the filling make it rather messy to eat with his hands. However there isn’t really an option to eat this burger with cutlery either because it’s too tall! We also shared an interesting little side bowl of Potato Crackling which were light as air crisps, slightly salty and didn’t taste like much when they melted on your tongue upon contact.

Beef Burger, $21

Potato Crackling, $4

I think Grain Bar is a fantastic addition to the area as it does double duty serving not just as a fashionable watering hole for office workers, but also as a modern Australian restaurant for corporate work lunches with decent prices, despite being part of a luxury hotel.

Grain Bar
199 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9250 3114

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