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Whenever I wake up early enough to head out and eat breakfast, Australian cafe food is my usual choice as there are so many cafes across Sydney. You wouldn’t normally head to a Chinese restaurant for your first meal of the day but New Shanghai at Lemon Grove (known for their delicious dumplings) offers a breakfast menu featuring authentic items which you can commonly find across China.

Steamed Pork Bun – $2
Steamed Vegetarian Bun – $2

Today we sample a whole range of items – some are pretty conventional but others are more unique sounding. We play it safe at first with steamed buns featuring both pork and vegetarian fillings. These large fluffy buns have hot dumpling-like fillings and the pork one even has some soup inside, so take care when eating to avoid burning your tongue!

Glutinous Rice Roll with Pork Floss – $4.50

There is also the glutinous rice roll which is wrapped in cling wrap, giving the sticky rice a firm shape. Inside is pork floss which is dried pork with a fluffy consistency. I happen to be a big fan of pork floss given the interesting texture and slight saltiness to it, which goes well with the sticky rice.

Preserved Egg and Lean Meat Congee – $4.50

Next up is congee which is a very popular Chinese breakfast option. This one features preserved egg (also known as “Century Egg”), small pieces of pork and shallots floating about. It’s not the best congee I’ve had; I find the rice still a bit too ‘solid’ for my liking and I would consider this dish undercooked.

Savoury Soy Bean Milk – $4

The last dish we have caught our eye on the menu as you rarely ever come across savoury soy bean milk dishes in Asian cuisine! This tasted like a salty hot milk custard flavoured with shallots and peanuts, with a silken tofu texture since it is made from soy beans. It’s an acquired taste, but wasn’t too bad for our first encounter with it.

Overall trying the breakfast menu at New Shanghai is an interesting experience and one of the closest chances you’ll get to authentic Chinese breakfast food in Sydney. It’s only available at the Lemon Grove Chatswood Branch and from Monday-Fridays 7:30am-10:30am though which makes it difficult for non-Chatswood residents. Hopefully they open this menu to weekend diners soon!

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of New Shanghai

New Shanghai
Shop 20, 427-441 Victoria Ave (inside Lemon Grove), Chatswood, NSW 2067
Ph: (02) 9415 3536

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