Espresso Organica, Concord

Recently I started running every Saturday morning in the Drummoyne area and having a cafe lunch afterwards. This week my good friend suggested we head to the Concord area as there was a cafe she had been to that was highly recommended.

Espresso Organica is situated on the main food strip Majors Bay Road, right opposite Kokoro. It occupies a corner and offers a large amount of indoor and outdoor seating. Although large, it’s popular with the locals and is bustling when we arrive. Thankfully we are able to get one of the remaining seats upon arrival.

After being seated we are given several menus – the all day breakfast menu, specials menu and lunch menu. These are double sided menus are crammed full with variety and I can’t believe how extensive they are. The menu features classic Australian cafe fare with some Greek influences, as seen in their ingredient choices. I eye multiple dishes I want to try and already know I will be back to try more.

Chicken Tenderloins Souvlaki – $19

The first dish we get is the grilled chicken tenderloin skewers served with a side of chips and Greek salad. I attack the chips first and these are delicious; they are herbed and well salted and aren’t oily at all, with a thin crispy exterior and soft potato innards. The chicken is served on skewers, which you remove the meat from the stick and wrap with the soft bread provided. Then drizzle some of the lemon, add some tzatziki and you have a delicious DIY dish! The tzatziki is very fragrant with fresh herbs and mixed with the lemon juice gives the chicken lots of flavour.

Baked Eggs “Organica” – $18

Next up is the baked eggs which features a large dish with two soft boiled eggs, chorizo and cannellini beans. It’s extremely tomatoey with capsicum flavours and the chorizo adds some spiciness to the dish. Although the sauce is a bit watery, it goes well with the bread which soaks up all the flavour.

Vegetarian Stack – $18

We ate all of the above dishes in one seating but the following week we returned. This time we got a vegetable stack which had well cooked and salted spinach, and deliciously sautéed buttery mushrooms. The eggs were poached perfectly and when combined with the other elements and the side of hollandaise sauce on the bread, made a perfect breakfast dish.

Market Fresh Chargrilled Stuffed Calamari – $18

Our last dish for this visit was the stuffed calamari. It was quite small given that it is from the mains menu. The calamari is hot and juicy but the stuffing lets it down. It is meant to contain prawns, calamari tentacles and herbs with salmoriglio dressing but it ends up tasting just like herbs and oil. I can’t taste any of the prawns and it desperately needs a lemon wedge.

Overall I’m very impressed with Espresso Organica and I think I’ve found a new favourite brunch cafe. Their dishes are just absolutely delicious with an amazing variety of breakfast/lunch foods to choose from. Although the calamari wasn’t that good, I’m still keen to return to try their other seafood and pasta options.

Espresso Organica
43 Majors Bay Rd, Concord NSW 2137
Ph: (02) 9736 3222

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