Enchilada Burrito – a Mad Mex experience

In the last couple of years, Mexican food has gradually increased in popularity across the Australian food scene, thanks to its bold flavours, affordability and shareability guaranteeing a great meal. Mad Mex is one restaurant chain that has helped pioneer this trend and continues to by constantly expanding their menu with different Mexican flavours. They’ve just introduced a new Enchilada Burrito from the region of Oaxaca and what better way to go on this food journey than to make and roll up our own burritos, learning from the expertise of Mad Mex’s founder and CEO himself!

Learning about the different Mexican chillies

Luke Hines taste testing the Enchilada salsa

On this winter night we find ourselves at the Head Honcho Clovis Young’s home learning about the new Enchilada Burrito. What makes  it different is the ‘mole’ (pronounced moh-lay) – a sauce containing three different types of Mexican chillies and a whole lot of other flavourful ingredients including garlic, lime, onions and cumin just to name a few. After a quick cooking demonstration of simmering and whirring all ingredients together, we start rolling our own chicken burritos. We’ve been told there is a secret method of rolling them – apply pressure using your fingers lightly but never squeeze or else it will surely explode.

Rolling burritos

Following this, top the burrito with a generous serving of mole, cheese, tomato salsa, sour cream and a lime wedge and voila! Fun, simplicity and deliciousness on a plate.

To top off the Mexican theme, we also got to try some tequilas from Clovis’ personal collection. I took a small sip of the Don Juan Escobar (worm tequila) which is extremely smokey in taste – definitely not like your normal tequilas. Plus, the technique is to actually sip it to enjoy the flavours rather than shotting it.

It was extremely fun and an amazing opportunity for us to learn about Mexican food from Clovis himself, but I can imagine for most people it’ll be very difficult to source guajillo, ancho and arbol chillies to whip together your own mole. If you’re lazy like me, you can simply head into Mad Mex where you can upgrade your burrito into an Enchilada Burrito for only $2 extra, a pretty good price for a lot of flavour.

Oaxaca Enchilada Salsa recipe (source: Mad Mex Facebook page)

To find out more about the new Enchilada Burrito and store locations, visit the Mad Mex website.

Excuse Me Waiter attended this event as guests of Mad Mex


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