Product Review: Slim Secrets Health Bars

I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical when my friend mentioned to me there were some yummy health bars from “Slim Secrets” that were stopping her from snacking at work and keeping her full. Neither DK nor I are the type who usually sacrifice flavour for fewer calories when given a choice, but we were both keen to see if these bars lived up to their witty tagline of being “designed to fill you up, not out”. So we put a range of the Slim Secrets snacks to the test over a few weeks by reaching for them when our usual snack cravings hit at work around 3.30pm every day.

Afternoon Snack Attack Bar

The aptly named bar is described as a “decadent choc caramel snack”, which is one of my favourite sweet flavour combos. It does mostly stay true to the flavours but the tradeoff is that the chocolate tastes a bit more powdery than usual and the caramel isn’t as sweet, although I found that I really did stay quite full until dinnertime thanks to the high protein levels and low GI.

Craving Crusher Snack Bar

This cookies and cream flavoured bar did a good job in curbing my afternoon munchies and it does contain actual cookie bits. There’s also green tea extract inside the bar and the exotic sounding NeOpuntia which is a high fibre ingredient that has the ability to pull excess fat from the digestion system after eating.

Wanted! Vanilla Almond Snack Bar

I found that the texture of this bar was the most reminiscent of a classic muesli bar out of all the bars I had tried, probably due to the chia seeds blended into it and the crunchy almond pieces too. The vanilla was sweet enough to keep things interesting without being overpowering and like the rest of the Wanted! range, it’s under 100 calories.

Wanted! Apple and Cinnamon Snack Bar

This bar was my favourite with its fresh fruity apple flavour mixed with the familiar spicy scent of cinnamon. It had a sticky muesli texture which was less dry than the Vanilla Almond bar and was quite a refreshing snack overall.

Rev Up! Snack Bar

This chocolate covered bar was surprisingly tasty with real coffee beans giving it a hint of Cafe Latte aroma and a slight caffeine buzz to help you boost energy levels. As with the other bars, it is high in fibre and rich in protein and helped me keep my morning tea cravings at bay.

Cheese and Onion Potato Chips

For those of you who prefer savoury snacks, Slim Secrets also has a range of gluten free and low fat potato chips. I’m a bit of a chip aficionado and their Cheese & Onion seasoning hit the spot, although the chips themselves weren’t as crunchy as their higher fat cousins are.


Wanted! Peach Perfection Snack Bar

This bar featured subtle peach flavours with chia seeds and had a yoghurt and chocolate base. It wasn’t particularly sweet despite the combo of fruity peach and chocolate, which is great for those wanting to avoid the sugary snacks.

Trail Mix Cookie

The texture of this cookie was soft and reminiscent of a Subway cookie. It doesn’t have much flavour and DK found that it was like just eating a plain cookie, but it serves its purpose as a good filler for those wanting to avoid the overly sugary cookies.

Butterscotch Bliss Fit Balls

One of the last snacks we tried were the butterscotch balls. These look like a ball of half-baked cookie dough, filled with a bit of chocolate and then some butterscotch right at the centre. There is a slight sweetness to it but the doughy exterior gives you something to chew on, and keeps you going as a small snack.

The pretty packaging with cute flavour names makes it clear that Slim Secrets is geared towards modern, health-conscious women who still want to have a tasty snack that will keep them going until their next meal. We think that the bars do their job well in terms of living up to Slim Secret’s goal of providing people with nutritionally balanced snacks that have a cheeky edge and keep the eater feeling satiated. The full fledged flavours that the bars promise in their descriptions aren’t always there as these are health bars at the end of the day, but they do have some bars in their range which do deliver stronger flavours and still manage to help curb unhealthy snacking habits.

Slim Secrets is stocked in supermarkets, gyms and health food stores across Australia (plus an impressive 10 other countries overseas including Singapore and China) but you can also order selected snacks online on their website.

Special thanks to Sweaty Betty PR for sending over the snacks for us to trial.

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