The Stuffed Beaver, Bondi

Tucked away just a couple of blocks from the iconic Bondi Beach is Canadian-style pub, The Stuffed Beaver. As you walk in, you can already tell that there is no room for pretentiousness here – just a casual space for mates, sports-watching and rock’n’roll appreciation, coupled with some finger-licking messy food and drinks.

The menu is full of greasy suspects similar to The Abercrombie – think fries, burgers, hot dogs, hot wings and tacos…YUM! There are very few choices for the health conscious so I wouldn’t hit the beach right after eating here, but either way a cheat day now and then is always acceptable.

Beaver Iced Tea – $17.49

We start off with their rendition of the long island iced tea which they call the Beaver Iced Tea. It’s cool, refreshing and sweet with cola fizziness throughout.

Classic Poutine – $14.99

The first dish to come out is the classic poutine – chunky fries with gravy and cheese. There is a lot of gravy throughout which makes the chips a bit soggy, but they’re full of flavour so I don’t mind.

Hot Wings – $11.99

Next are the hot wings which are accompanied with a little tub of ranch dressing. At first taste, the marinade sauce is sweet and tangy, but then a huge chilli hit kicks in. I can usually take my chilli and enjoy Korean/Thai food which is known for their use of chilli, however these hot wings are hot hot hot! Unfortunately I sweat when it’s too spicy, but they’re so good I can’t stop either. Thankfully the ranch dressing managed to deflect some of the spiciness, but my mouth was definitely still burning a bit even an hour later – worth it though!

Chief Wiggum – $17.99

We round off the meal with the Chief Wiggum burger – a beef patty with fried jack cheese, pulled pork, jalapenos and bbq sauce. The result is a very meaty and satisfying burger which has some extra kick to it thanks to the seeded mustard and chilli.

By the end of the meal, my fingers are covered with hot wing sauce and I’m still downing water to try and stop the spiciness. But it was completely worth it. The food at The Stuffed Beaver is exactly the type you need now and then where you can just indulge guilt-free in a casual setting. A must visit for poutine and diner lovers – expect it to be busy during sporting events though!

The Stuffed Beaver
271 Bondi Road, Bondi Beach, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9130 3002

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