The Butcher’s Block, Wahroonga

A couple months ago I had read about The Butcher’s Block as being one of the fast rising places to watch on Sydney’s cafe scene. I did pay them a visit but made the mistake of heading there on a Sunday when they were closed – doh! I eventually made some time to head back out to the quaint suburb of Wahroonga again. It’s a quiet and homely neighbourhood and The Butcher’s Block is one of a few cafes in the area.

When we get there, they’re packed full by 12pm and we’re told that there is a 25 minute wait; thankfully a table opened up much sooner and we were seated within 10 minutes. There’s a choice of indoor and outdoor seating and luckily we’re out at the back soaking up the lovely warm sun.

Meatball Sliders with Chunky Fries – $17

The first dish we get are the meatball sliders; there are three of these with different cheeses in each – provolone, american jack and buffalo mozzarella. The meatballs are soft and well cooked with the flavours enhanced by the cheeses. I’m not a big fan of the bread that sandwiches the meatballs though as they are a bit dry. I also find the chips a bit disappointing; although crispy in texture they lack some flavour and could use with salt or tomato sauce.

Butcher’s Pie of Chunky Beef and Red Wine served with Mashed Potato – $16

The other dish we get is the beef pie. I’m very satisfied with the quality of the pie – there’s big chunky pieces of tender beef inside and some carrots as well. Although there isn’t a lot of gravy or sauce inside, it doesn’t need it as the meat is well flavoured. The mash which accompanies it is also heavenly and everything a mash should be! It is creamy, buttery and super tasty.

Overall, I have a pretty good first impression of The Butcher’s Block. There’s some other dishes I wouldn’t mind trying on the menu including the breakfast menu and malt shakes. It’s a nice addition to an area which isn’t commonly known for food and I’ll surely be back in the future.

The Butcher’s Block
15 Redleaf Ave Wahroonga, NSW 2076
Ph: (02) 9487 8136

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