Ms. Miller, Cammeray

I haven’t been to Cammeray in many years, although it is just down the road from the bustling foodie hub of Crows Nest. The main strip of Cammeray is on Miller Street, where the aptly named Ms Miller is located.

It’s your stock standard trendy cafe with modern decor, plenty of blackboards and seating options (stools, high tables, barside seating or normal tables). It looks like Ms Miller doubles as a bar at night; there’s Estrella on tap and cocktail names scribbled onto butchers paper hanging about the place too.

During the day, Ms Miller has an airy vibe thanks to the breeze flowing through its dual entrances and laidback service. We’re here for some brunch today, and they have some Spanish inspired items on the menu which we make a beeline for.

Chorizo and Piquillo Pepper Omelette, $16

I have chosen the Chorizo and Piquillo Pepper Omelette for my brunch, which looks and smells promising…until I realise that the amazing aroma is actually wafting over from the boy’s 3 Baked Eggs dish. Anyway, the omelette does pack some flavour hits when you munch on the chorizo or peppers, but apart from that it isn’t as flavoursome as I had hoped it would be.

3 Baked Eggs with Meatballs in housemade tomato sauce, $19

The Baked Eggs on the other hand are incredibly tasty and have a wonderful melding of flavours from the spices, the just-cooked eggs and the chunks of meatballs which elevate the dish, especially when mixed in with Ms Miller’s home made tomato sauce.

Raspberry and Chia Seed Smoothie, $6.50

I chose to complement my brunch with a deceptively small looking Raspberry and Chia Seed smoothie which was served in a jar. It was rather thick but still went down easily with the chia seeds keeping things interesting, but I struggled to finish it even though it looked like a manageable size at first.

Ms Miller is a fun spot to hit up if you’re looking for something a bit different outside of the usual foodie hubs on the lower North Shore. Not every dish is a hit, but when they get it right the dishes are pretty decent!

Ms. Miller
457 Miller St, Cammeray NSW 2062
Phone:(02) 9955 8808

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