Kobe Jones 11th birthday dinner

It’s no secret that I am a massive fan of Kobe Jones (having blogged twice before already) and am so happy that I can be a part of their birthday celebrations. I still remember the first time I visited them all the way back in 2005 and was blown away by their cooking techniques and flavour combinations. Although some fault them on their price, you don’t visit King Street Wharf for a low-budget meal and each one of my visits has been a great experience.

This year marks Kobe Jones’ 11th year of operating since opening back in 2003 and they’re definitely doing something right, sailing right through the GFC which hit many high-end restaurants. Tonight we’re enjoying their 11-course Kaiseki degustation which has been floating around on deal sites in the last year, so watch out for it to enjoy a discounted meal.

Number One Special

We start off with one of their classics – the Number One Special. You can’t go wrong with a crab salad, avocado and kingfish sushi piece baked with their creamy “secret sauce” (think deluxe mayo) and sweet soy glaze.

Seared Sashimi Carpaccio
Tuna Tataki Kobe Jones Style

Next comes a salmon carpaccio and tuna tataki combo, accompanied with steamed mushrooms and poached asparagus. Both have subtle flavours which compliment the fish; the salmon is seared lightly on the sides with a light olive oil flavour and the tuna contains peppery undertones with a crisp creamy sauce on top.

Yellow Submarine Roll

A colourful Yellow Submarine Roll is served next, containing prawn, cucumber, kampyo and wrapped in soybean. It is topped with yuzu butter which provides a citrus flavour, negating the need for soy sauce.

Calamari Salad

The Calamari Salad comes next, which contains mixed leaves and calamari with a thick batter. The consistency reminded me more of a katsu as it was more crispy than usual and not that oily.

Yuzu Soy Scallop

Continuing the fresh seafood is scallop sashimi, marinated ceviche style in yuzu lemon and soy. Creamy and succulent, the flavours are quite similar to the Yellow Submarine Roll thanks to the yuzu.

Lobster Roll

Next is the Lobster Roll which resembles a small volcano. It consists of a crab salad, avocado and lobster roll covered with a creamy sauce which is spicy, similar to a mixture of XO sauce and chilli powder. I quite like the spiciness but not everyone on the table could take it.

All Prawn Tempura

The classic prawn tempura is then served alongside with a sweet soy dipping. It’s crispy, fluffy and not over oily – tempura perfection.

Alaskan Crab

Next was the Alaskan Crab which I’ve had before – grilled crab legs which have been slightly cracked open to reveal crab meat. We’re given a small metal utensil to help spoon out all the meat which is sweet and succulent; these flavours are also complimented by the lime wedge and yuzu dipping sauce. It’s a bit messy to get through this course but is definitely worth it for the amount of meat which you can get out of the leg.

Wafu Style Grilled Wagyu

Our last meat dish for the night is some wagyu beef cooked robata style (similar to skewers on a barbeque). It’s been served medium rare but I find this wagyu a bit tougher than wagyu beef at other restaurants. Despite this, the balsamic teriyaki dipping sauce helps mask this.

Flaming Anko

And finally we are up to dessert! We’re served up a green tea creme brulee with red bean inside. It’s a cool presentation since it’s brought out on fire, but I find that the sugary top hasn’t hardened as well compared to using a blowtorch. I also find that there’s a slightly bitter taste from the residual alcohol which the fire was burning on, so it’s not the sweetest ending to the meal.

I’m so glad Kobe Jones has made it to 11 years, and may there be many more years to come. Like all my other visits here, the quality of food has been superb and you’ll definitely leave here stuffed full. Can’t wait until my next visit!

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Kobe Jones

Kobe Jones
29 Lime Street, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9299 5290

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