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A fresh new fusion concept has hit Sydney in the form of British India Trading Co. which blends colonial British elements with the exotic flavours of Indian cuisine. Michelin starred chef Matt Taylor and Alana Garton (PR and marketing expert) are the passionate duo behind British India Trading Co., drawing on their experiences from their travels in both India and the UK to bring this interesting concept to life.

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British India Trading Co. are one of the 6 finalists in the inaugural season of IconPark, which is like a crowd-funding platform, but for bars and restaurants specifically. The idea behind IconPark is that every 3 months, 6 finalists will showcase their concepts to attempt to win as much support from the crowd to to make their idea a reality and run their restaurant fully funded for 3 months from the IconPark location at Stanley Street in East Sydney. We think it’s a fantastic way to encourage a new wave of entrepreneurial restaurateurs to get into the dining scene in Sydney!

Anyway, we were lucky enough to attend a tasting of the Royal Raj Afternoon Tea that British India Trading Co. would serve up if they win the competition. They presented us with a sumptuous spread that lived up to the “royal” tag – think decadent sweet treats with an exotic twist, usually in the form of a key spice that takes inspiration from India’s spice trading history.

We enjoyed their rich Cardamom Chocolate Brownie and a beautiful Caramelised Pineapple Tart which showcased Matt’s impeccable pastry skills. My favourite sweet was the delectable Ginger Macaron with roasted white chocolate that actually reminded me of a salted caramel macaron with a hint of spice.

Other nods to Indian style desserts on the Royal Raj Afternoon Tea menu included their interesting Yoghurt Mousse which was a moreish melding of carrot jelly, coriander crumble with roasted carrot ganache, as well as their Coconut Pudding with a subtle chilli gel and fennel seed.

Of course, no afternoon tea is complete without some Fresh Scones. British India Trading Co.’s rendition features coriander seed cream and apricot jam to spice things up. We washed all these delicious treats down with a lovely Rose and Vanilla Iced Tea, which was very refreshing, along with some bubbly too.

The Royal Raj Afternoon Tea was certainly an indulgent experience for our tastebuds and we would love to see this concept come to life at IconPark, especially so we can try their mouth-watering savoury menu which includes a Classic Beef Wellington, Chicken Tikka Wings, Goan Scotched Eggs and more!

If British India Trading Co. has piqued your interest, support them on their IconPark page by becoming a backer:

British India Trading Co. will also be at Taste of Sydney from 13 March – 16 March, so be sure to drop by the IconPark stall to try their tasty offerings!

For more information about IconPark:
Instagram: @BritishIndiaTradingCo #BritishIndiaForIconPark



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