Nick’s Bar and Grill, King Street Wharf

The boy and I arrived at Nick’s Bar and Grill after work one day and were greeted by the cheerful hostess who gave us the option to pick our own table. We went with the table next to the promenade to enjoy the picturesque view of King Street Wharf with its assortment of ships and gentle waves.

We kicked off proceedings with a Guava Girl cocktail for myself and a beer for the boy. Definitely a much needed refresher after a long day at work! The Guava Girl was a sweet blend of Teichenne Apple Schnapps, guava juice and topped with Nick’s cuvee brut sparkling wine.

Guava Girl, $15, Peroni, $9

After ordering with an attentive waitress, the food came out quite promptly. We shared an entree of  half a dozen Kilpatrick Sydney rock oysters and Nick’s Seafood Chowder which had mussels with seasonal seafood.

Nick’s Seafood Chowder, $16

Kilpatrick Sydney Rock Oysters, $20

The seafood chowder was a hearty affair with the potatoes and flaky bits of fish thickening the soup nicely. A dash of olive oil on it was enough to complement the rich flavour. The Sydney rock oysters were fresh and this classic dish did not disappoint with plenty of pieces of bacon covering the creamy oysters. However I was a little hesitant on the amounts of worcestershire sauce which made it a little saltier than I would have liked.

Sautéed King Prawn and Crab Risotto, $35

For mains, we had the Sautéed King Prawn and Crab Risotto. Slivers of blue swimmer crab meat were mixed with herbs such as parsley and dill which gave it a lovely flavour. It was a comforting dish and the sautéed king prawns were a juicy addition to the risotto, albeit a bit messy to eat.

Black Angus reserve grade scotch fillet (300gm) – $46; Tequila BBQ sauce $3

We also ordered the Black Angus reserve grade scotch fillet which came out on a bed of mashed potatoes, asparagus and cherry tomatoes. What interested us was the tequila BBQ sauce which we have not seen anywhere else in Sydney. The sauce itself was slightly sweet and tangy and somehow quite addictive with the good cut of steak we had. We asked for medium rare and it was cooked perfectly – not always the case with restaurants.

Bailey’s Creme Brulee, $12

To cap off a good meal, we ended it with the Bailey’s Creme Brulee. Nick’s did a great job dressing up what was a staple dessert with the almond praline and a dollop of mixed berries on the side. The top of the brulee had been caramelised beautifully – we greatly enjoyed breaking the top and digging into the the yummy custard below.

Overall, a satisfying meal with great views, although it is a bit pricey given the location. Definitely somewhere to visit with friends and family as the portions are generous, the staff are attentive and the restaurant has a relaxed vibe that makes the most of its waterfront location.

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Nick’s Bar and Grill

Nick’s Bar and Grill
32-34 The Promenade, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:(02) 9279 0133

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