Kepos Street Kitchen, Redfern

Tucked away at the back end of Redfern and just one block away from Danks Street lies Kepos Street Kitchen, a small but super busy restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We rock up hoping for a Sunday lunch at 1pm but there’s a massive queue and we’re not seated until 2pm – crazy!

Pomegranate Virgin Mojito – $9
Strawberry Rosewater Fizz – $9

On Kepos Street, there aren’t any other cafes around so it feels like you’re dining at someone’s home. There’s a selection of freshly made cakes at the door along with the smell of roasted coffee from The Grounds adding to the warmth. We start off our meal with two mocktails which are served in cute glass jars and are refreshing and not overly sweet.

Tunisian style seared Yellow Fin Tuna, Eggplant, Tomato, Cucumber, Egg, Potato with Harissa Dressing – $19

I opt for the tuna salad which has perfectly seared tuna slices served beautifully on top of a salad. It’s quite flavourful thanks to the Mediterranean herbs and harissa dressing mixed through the soft boiled egg and potato pieces which complement the soft and delicate tuna. Unfortunately it’s a cold day and it didn’t occur to me that this dish would be cold which gives me a huge case of food envy when my friend’s orders arrive.

Wagyu Beef Burger, Pickled Eggplant, Walnuts, Watercress, Harissa – $18

One of my friends gets the wagyu beef burger which is served with a side of thick cut crispy chips. It’s juicy and has a Mediterranean style flavour infused throughout. It’s a bit oily thanks to the eggplant and can get a bit messy if you use your hands as the oil will start dripping out.

Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich, Middle Eastern Coleslaw, Chermoula Mayo $18

My other friend gets the Southern fried chicken sandwich (basically a burger) which is surprisingly lean and not that oily. The coleslaw and mayo go amazingly with the fried pieces of chicken and it’s a definite dish to try!

KSK Churros with Salted Caramel – $12

We’re a bit full after all those chips but of course there’s always room for dessert. Other than the cakes near the entrance, there’s only one dessert on the menu made to order which are the house churros. They’re served with a caramel sauce on the side sprinkled with salt on top (it’s not actually a proper ‘salted caramel’ sauce). Nevertheless, the churros are crispy yet soft inside, and they’re not that sweet either! This is great because it means you can dip more of that sweet caramel sauce which definitely highlights the churros. I didn’t really like how there was just salt on top of the caramel sauce and think the dish would taste better without the salt altogether.

All in all, Kepos Street Kitchen serves up great quality food that aren’t your usual cafe suspects. It’s homely and cosy and brings in quite the crowd, so if you pay a visit be sure to come early or expect to wait a while.

Kepos Street Kitchen
96 Kepos St, Redfern NSW 2016
Phone:(02) 9319 3919

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