Gowings Bar & Grill, Sydney CBD

It’s been a while since we last visited Gowings Bar & Grill, and since then they’ve been awarded a hat by the 2014 SMH Good Food Guide – not bad within their first year of business. Situated smack bang in the middle of the city, Gowings features dark and sleek interiors, exuding a cool vibe transporting me to Melbourne, or even the New York restaurant scene. It’s pretty busy for a Saturday night but we’re seated promptly with stunning views overlooking QVB and the bustling George Street.

Tartare of Yellowfin Tuna – $19

We kick start the night with a tuna tartare served with a breadstick. The tuna tastes very fresh and has horseradish flavours woven throughout which really brings out the freshness of the tuna.

Hand Dived Wild Scallops – $7 each

We also try some scallops and there’s two types on the menu available – garlic and basil butter flavour or sea-urchin, lemon and mint butter. I find the garlic one much more flavoursome than the other one which was relatively bland. Although they’re cooked to perfection, I don’t think they’re worth $7 each (the menu actually states they’re sold at market price ranging from $7-$12, so we got lucky with the pricing!).

Organic Egg, Bacon, Crab Omelette – $36

Following this we move onto the mains with the first one being the crab omelette. It contains generous portions of crab on the top and also contains spring onions, chives and cayenne pepper. It’s soft and fluffy and the cayenne pepper gives it a nice kick, but once again I question the price-value for the portion size you get.

Shiro-kin Full Blood Wagyu 9+ Rump Darling Downs NSW (300g) – $48

The other main we get is the wagyu rump which is accompanied by several different types of mustard (including Dijon, seeded and Hot English). They offer to slice it into pieces for us since we’re sharing mains, so the picture isn’t representative of the whole dish. We have it served medium tonight to let the marbling melt through and it’s juicy and tender, going well with some seeded mustard. There’s no chips or salads served with this rump though unfortunately which leaves the dish looking a bit naked.

Grilled Red Onion Rings – $7
Sauteed Mixed Mushrooms, Mint, Parsley, Baked in a Paper Bag – $10

To accompany our steak, we opted for some red onion rings and mushrooms. I’m a bit disappointed by the onions which turn out to be just sauteed onions, as the menu left us thinking it would be fried onion rings. Despite this they are a good accompaniment to the steak, especially with the thyme mixed throughout the onions. We’re also a big fan of the mushrooms which are packed with flavour, but once again a bit disappointed that it’s not presented in a paper bag (why are the menu descriptions so disappointing!).

My Trifle “Zuppa Inglese” – $16

Our last dish for the night is the trifle which is a popular choice at Gowings. It is beautifully presented, showcasing the layers of lemon sponge, chianti jelly, vanilla mascarpone and delicate raspberries, almonds and pistachios sprinkled on top. It’s light, fruity and textural, tasting as beautiful as it looks and I particularly like how the sponge at the bottom has soaked up a lot of the flavours so that there is still heaps of flavour when you reach the bottom. I love it so much that I’d return just for this dessert alone!

Overall Gowings seems like it is targeting a market which wants chic dining without the pretentiousness. Its prices are also reflective of this along with its super convenient location. It’s a nice place to drop by for a drink or classy meal before hitting the town.

Gowings Bar & Grill
1/49 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 8262 0062

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