Tapa Vino, Circular Quay

Tapa Vino is a hidden gem in Bulletin Place at Circular Quay – as its name suggests, it is a thriving tapas restaurant with an impressive array of sherry to boot.

It’s been packed every time we’ve been in and it’s best to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Our booking secured us a lovely table on the upper level, which isn’t as bustling as the walk-in bar area downstairs, but is perfect for a group of friends to enjoy a great meal.

As befits the restaurant’s name, we were confronted by a wine list which read almost like a novella. We scanned down quickly and decided on the Red Sangria for myself and a temperanillo for the boy (native grape to Spain).

Red Sangria

We started with the Crab Tostada, the waiter cleverly getting us a portion of 4 instead of the usual 3 for our group so that we can each enjoy one each. The mound of mashed avocado on top of the tostada melded wonderfully with the shredded crab meat and was seasoned with chili and herbs for a zesty start to the night.

Crab Tostadas, $14 for 3

Next up on our tapas adventure was the Rabbit with Morcilla and Pork Terrine. It was seared on the grill and to our surprise was almost pate-like as we spread it across the toast. It had a smokey salty taste which turned out to be extremely addictive. Even our friend who was a little skeptical of rabbit loved the delicacy.

Rabbit with Morcilla and Pork Terrine, $16

The Spiced Lamb Shoulder was served on a cute little cast-iron skillet.  There was also kipfler potatoes and a generous drizzle of saffron mayo over the top. The group dug in hungrily and we were not disappointed at all. The lamb was soft and well marinated, complemented by the mayo – a delicious dish.

Spiced Lamb Shoulder, $20

We also shared the Braised Beef Ribs with verde sauce. Probably my favourite dish of the night, our knife cutting through the soft, tender butter-like meat. The verde sauce (which tasted very similar to a pesto – strong basil taste with other herbs) was simply superb with the meat.

Braised Beef Ribs with verde sauce, $25

Tapa Vino definitely did not disappoint with its hearty and easily share-able dishes. The large wine list was also a winner. It’s usually packed with white collar workers from around the area so be sure to get in before the crowds knock off from work.

Tapa Vino
6 Bulletin Pl, Sydney NSW 2000
Ph:(02) 9247 3221

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