The Chip off the Old Block, Chippendale

The newest bar to hit Chippendale is the charmingly named Chip off the Old Block, which is hidden in one of the lanes in this often overlooked suburb next to Central/Broadway. In contrast to its modern decor, the simple food menu pays homage to good old-fashioned English fare with hearty sounding pies, bubble & squeak and butty sarnies too.

The dark interior is achingly hip and there are even quirky little objects on the table for you to amuse yourself with while you wait for your drinks and food. Our table has a set of brand new playing cards and also a jar of nuts just waiting to be cracked with the shiny nutcracker. We get right into it and create quite a bit of a mess with the nut shells, but it’s totally worth it to get to the fresh walnuts, brazil nuts and almonds!

First up, we had the Lamb and Mushy Pea Pie, which had been plated up on a contemporary stone serving plate – quite a stark contrast to the traditional, homely looking pie sitting on top of it. The mushy peas are meant to be inside the pie, but I was a bit disappointed with how little there was of it in the filling and the chunks of lamb were also a bit dry. On the upside, the pastry and the dollop of tomato relish on the side were rather delicious.

Lamb and Mushy Pea Pie, $14

Surprisingly, the simpler Bacon & Chip Butty Sarnie was actually the tastier dish thanks to the quality bacon they used. The whole sarnie is a bit of a guilty pleasure, with the chunky chips stuffed in between the two rather delicate slices of white bread along with the bacon. The sarnie actually started disintegrating after I took a bite, so I ended up deconstructing each component and eating it with a fork.

Bacon  & Chip Butty Sarnie, $13

The Chip off the Old Block mixes things up by pairing old with the new (with a dash of fun table playthings to keep their diners amused). We like their vision and the reasonable prices for their food, although they haven’t nailed everything taste wise just yet.

Chip off the Old Block
3 Little Queen Street
Chippendale NSW 2008

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