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I have been dying to try out Three Williams since DK (and most of the foodies on Instagram it seems) visited the popular cafe when it opened last year. Recently, I managed to get along for a tasting of their incredible new menu – fans will be happy to know that some old favourites with new twists are staying on the menu (read: their signature narnies and French toast), along with some brand new offerings.

We start with their refreshing seasonal house made soda, which isn’t particularly bubbly, but tastes light and fruity thanks to the berry flavours.

Seasonal house made soda, $5/$12

Then out come the breakfast dishes – first, a delicious mound of Sauteed Wild Mushrooms scattered on top of a thick, crusty slice of toast, paired with a dollop of marinated ricotta, truffle balsamic and parmesan. The mushrooms are so juicy and packed full of flavour, while the truffle balsamic makes everything smell and taste absolutely divine!

Sauteed wild mushrooms, marinated ricotta, truffle balsamic and parmesan on toast, $17

The Pan Baked Eggs were also quite flavoursome, with a moreish combo of spicy beans, a fresh cucumber salsa and feta complementing the baked eggs, which were still runny when we dug into the dish.

Pan Baked Eggs, $16

Another breakfast favourite is given the Three Williams treatment with the tasty Corn Fritters being turbocharged with a generous side of sour cream and tomato capsicum salsa. The crushed roasted potatoes taste great with the sour cream and salsa. All this is topped off with some meaty goodness in the form of crispy bacon and nuremberg sausages.

Corn Fritters, $18

The signature Narnies (naan bread sandwiches) are in a category of their own and we try out two of their new flavours – roast duck and wild mushrooms. The Roast Duck Narnie features free range duck rubbed with herbs and it is delicious, especially with the unexpected hits of sweetness from the soft roasted pear slices contrasting with the garlicky aioli. The naan bread doesn’t completely envelope the whole filling, so it’s a little messy to eat, but worth it!

Roast Duck Narnie, $16

The Wild Mushroom Narnie uses many ingredients that were in the first dish we tried (mushrooms on toast), except with more leafy greens (baby spinach) and a stracchino cheese sauce. I do love the depth of flavour in the wild mushrooms that Three Williams serves up, infused with the addictive aroma of the truffle balsamic and this version of the Narnie also works for me.

Wild Mushroom Narnie, $15

Along with the Narnies, we’re treated to some fantastic sides (the Beer Battered Chips with aioli were as awesome as DK said they were back when he first visited) and I also enjoyed the Crispy School Prawns which came with the same garlicky aioli.

Beer Battered Chips, $7

Crispy School Prawns, $8

Last but definitely not least, we tried out some of their decadent sweets – their famous French Toast now comes with a heavenly blend of melted Belgian chocolate, caramel bananas and crunchy hazelnuts. The brioche used in the dish is soft, but the exterior is coated with corn flakes to give it a distinctive crunchiness.  The rich flavours are woven together quite well, but I still think that this is a guilty pleasure best shared.

French Toast with caramel bananas, hazelnuts and melted Belgian chocolate, $16

Three Williams have also recently started making their own homemade cakes and today we got to sample the Lime and Coconut Cake, which had some lovely zesty notes from the lime and had a springy, but still moist texture.

Lime and Coconut Cake, $5-$7

Three Williams certainly lived up to my expectations. Almost a year out from its launch, it is still going strong and serving up quality brunch dishes that are keeping the crowds coming, at a reasonable price point.

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Three Williams

Three Williams
613a Elizabeth Street, Redfern NSW 2016
Ph: (02) 9698 1111

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