Devon on Danks, Waterloo

We are both fans of the multicultural fusion cuisine on offer at Devon by night and now the dinner service has been moved from the original Devon store to their new digs on Danks Street at the old Danks Street Depot site. I love the trendy, playful fitout which incorporates a lot more bright light through the big windows facing the street and high ceilings, giving off a completely different vibe from their other restaurant.

We kick off our weekend breakfast feast with the Devon on Danks special – salted caramel soft serve ice cream with hot chips. If you’ve ever been like me and dunked your Macca’s chips into a soft serve cone or McFlurry, then this one’s for you – a gourmet, grown-up version that makes that strangely satisfying combo of sweet and salty a legit dish on the menu! The saltiness factor is upped by the black salt flakes that keep everyone coming back for more and the on-trend salted caramel icecream is smooth, contrasting nicely with the chunky, crunchy chips.

DD Special – $7

The fun continued with Dr Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, which was a tasty blend of vividly coloured pea puree, green tomato ketchup, thick cut bacon (an odd texture compared to the usual bacon I’m used to), crispy potato and a deliciously runny 63 degree egg.

Dr Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham – $19

The Lucky Duck started off promisingly with an indulgent duck liver parfait and fried duck egg, but I found the French buckwheat crepe a bit underwhelming even with the blueberry preserve on the side. The crispy duck leg was also a bit on the dry side.

Lucky Duck – $24.50

After this we got the Soft Shell Crab Roll ala Japanois to share, which featured a soft, fluffy brioche bun enveloping pieces of glorious soft shell crab with sichimi pepper and a nice wasabi mayo, tobiko and nori. It also came with a veggie filling consisting of pickled cucumber, daikon, carrot and shiso but I wasn’t a fan of it – I would rather more of the crab with the wasabi mayo!

Soft Shell Crab Roll ala Japanois – $18

My hands down favourite dish on the breakfast menu was the Breakfast with the Sakuma’s, which centred around an amazingly tender, moist slice of miso grilled king salmon paired with an interesting smoked eel croquette, the ubiquitous 63 degree egg as well as a radish petit salad and addictive kewpie mayonnaise.

Breakfast with the Sakuma’s – $24.50

In terms of sweet treats, you can’t go past the incredibly decadent Little Lost Bread, which is a smorgasbord of strawberry in all shapes and forms (think freeze dried, fresh,  icecream and in a gastrique sauce) with Arnott’s biscuit crumble scattered artistically on a thick slice of brioche French toast. It’s a lot to handle in one dish, but is great to order if you can share the love with friends.

Little Lost Bread – $16.50

We were completely stuffed full by this time (and it was only 11am too…) but we managed to find some room for Devon’s Asian influenced Cronuts! My favourite was the Red Bean and Matcha, which was lightly dusted with sugar and green tea powder on its fluffy layers, while the Milo Ganache had a surprise melted chocolate filling. The Pork Floss and Sweet Mayo Cronut was a bit too adventurous for my tastebuds to understand, but the texture of the Cronut itself was quite decent.

Cronuts – $6.50

All in all, we’re glad that Devon has found a new area to expand into and we’re loving the new restaurant space. Devon on Danks is already one of our new brunch favourites with their cheeky all day breakfast menu that keeps things fun – we will be back to try more of their quirky menu!

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Devon on Danks

Devon on Danks
2 Dank Street, Waterloo
Ph: (02) 9698 7795

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  • Oh yeah, the hot fries in the soft serve! Such a kid classic at Macca’s, and it looks even better here!

  • Green eggs and ham! :O AMAZING! I must try this!

  • Jenny says:

    I am so eager to go here!! THE FOOD LOOK SOOOO GOOD and I love the idea of Dr Seuss inspired food!
    Devon delivers once again.
    Great review! 🙂

  • Alan Sun says:

    Would definitely NOT recommend. I was after a table for 6 people, as my girlfriend and I got to the cafe early the waitress took my name down and requested us to wait until the majority of the group has arrived. I waited 20 mins and doubled checked our seating, the waitress told me there is a table available, however as the rest of our group had not arrived I was told once again to wait until the majority of the group was here. I obliged and within minutes the rest of my group arrives. I sought out the same waitress and requested for the table, only to be told that it has been taken by a group of 8 people. However when I looked over I noticed that there was only 1 person on the table. I quickly asked the waitress how did she consider 1 of 8 people to be more of a MAJORITY than 2 of 6 people. My inquiry was met with the excuse that the 7 of 8 people were just up the street. I further protested that since the entirety of my group is here, that we should have the right to that table seated with 1 person. I then received further responses that the remaining of the people were very close and there’s nothing the waitress could. This bickering went on for a further 5 mins where eventually I was presented with the ultimatum to wait ANOTHER 20 mins for a table or leave. Feeling extremely frustrated and without an apology, our group left and opted to dine with one of the other great cafes where the profit of 2 more people does not come before their customers. Even upon our departure we still did not see the remaining 7 of the other group. This whole experience has left a bitter taste and I would not come back again! The wait staff is in urgent need of commonsense and training. From what I have seen I believe the cafe will find more talented wait staff in the local McDonald’s.

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