I Darts Zen, Town Hall

We’re fans of places where you can be entertained while you eat – I Darts Zen lets us do just that by serving up some casual bar snacks between us hitting up their electronic dart boards, which turn out to be pretty fun even for darts newbies like us.

You’ll find the newly opened I Darts Zen down a staircase off Pitt Street near the buzzing cinema precinct and while it takes some time to adjust to the neon lights once you get down there, you can get started on testing out your darts skills against your dining buddies (or karaoke if you prefer to sing over exercising your throwing arm) while you wait for your food.

The menu here is centred around Asian bar snacks like bite-sized Fried Cheese Balls, Cheese Kransky served with an appetising pickled chilli cucumber, and tasty pieces of crunchy Prawn Toast.

Fried Cheese Balls, $9

Cheese Kransky, $9

Prawn Toast, $8

The most crowd-pleasing dish of the night was their addictive Fried Chicken Wings which are crispy (but still juicy inside) and seasoned with a blend of salt, pepper and five spices. There’s another flavour on offer (the Japanese-style Tebasaki version) which is a sticky sauce, but we still preferred the original flavour for that unbeatable crispiness.

Fried Chicken Wings, $9

If you’re after something more substantive – they also offer Pork Belly diced up into convenient bite-sized pieces, but we found the pork to be a bit on the chewy side.

Pork Belly, $18

For dessert, we had possibly the biggest fried ice cream we’ve ever seen – the aptly named Giant Fried Ice Cream featuring a massive slab of vanilla ice cream encased within a traditional fried batter and drizzled chocolate sauce, crushed nuts and rainbow sprinkles to bring us right back to our childhood. Unsurprisingly, we struggled to finish this monster before it melted!

Giant Fried Ice Cream, $16 

I Darts Zen is a fun concept for the Sydney entertainment scene, great for groups keen to do something different over a light casual dinner – their Fried Chicken Wings are the star of the menu and make the perfect companion for a night of drinks, darts and good times.

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of I Darts Zen

I Darts Zen
359-361 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:0481 877 296

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  • Shaun says:

    Wow, this looks like heaven on earth to me. I mean not only do the dart boards look awesome, but look at that food! Add on a proper retro arcade and I’m not sure I’d ever be able to leave…

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