Edition Coffee Roasters, Darlinghurst

Japanese and Nordic are probably not two cuisines you would think of combining to create a new fusion cuisine, but that is exactly what the team at Edition Coffee Roasters has done with their innovative breakfast menu and sleek, minimalist decor that marries the aesthetic of both cultures in a surprisingly harmonious union.

We love the decor from the moment we step foot in the long, narrow space that Edition operates out of on Crown Street, but it’s not easy to brunch in groups here as the tables are lined up in 2 neat rows of tables for 2. You’ll need to wait for a table to free up next to you in order to grab yourself a table for 4, so we wait for about 20 minutes before we manage to get seated.

There’s a lot of interesting dishes to choose from on their eclectic menu, but we end up settling on the Porco Rollo, which features smoked and braised Berkshire pork, Japanese omelette, white miso BBQ sauce and a zingy ginger slaw, all encased in a fluffy brioche bun. It was a rather messy dish to eat and though the first few bites were great, after a while I found the ginger slaw too overpowering for my tastebuds.

Porco Rollo, $15

For our other dish, we ordered the Vildsvin, which is more rooted in traditional Nordic cuisine, showcasing some gamey wild boar meatballs atop a creamy onion broth, that seemed to have been thickened with potato to create a hearty dish, lifted by a sweet lingonberry sauce on the side. This dish really transported me back to my trip to Stockholm a few years ago.

Vildsvin, $22

Edition Coffee Roasters is a cafe for brunchers with more adventurous tastebuds and an appreciation for beautifully plated up dishes, as they definitely don’t serve standard breakfast fare here. The flavours on their fusion menu are skewed towards the savoury, though we had a bite of our friend’s houjicha hotcakes in her Yakuza’s Breakfast 3.0 and they’re definitely worth a try, served with an interesting beetroot ganache.

Edition Coffee Roasters
265 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

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