Kid Kyoto, Wynyard

Kid Kyoto is one of the newer kids on the block with an unexpected mix of Japanese izakaya and rock music, from the team which has turned Mejico and Indu into success stories in the Sydney restaurant scene.

It wasn’t easy to find the entrance which is hidden away on Tank Stream Lane (the Bridge Street entrance which was used for the former Bridge Street Garage site is now a fire exit) but when you enter into the cavernous space, it is worth the effort as the contemporary decor is punctuated with plenty of neon, vibrant aqua seats and polished concrete to create an unique ambience buzzing with energy.

We decided to go with a la carte dining rather than their $49 “Punk Drunk Lunch” set menu option and were rewarded with a terrific range of flavours which really popped out of each dish. We started off with the Preserved Lemon Chicken Tsukune from the “Izakaya Intro” section of the menu, which came served grilled on a skewer and had a delicious char to it, pops of that preserved citrus running through the flavoursome chicken patty. What really elevated the dish was the intriguing onsen egg ‘bird’s nest’ which was made from fried shredded leeks and was super tasty once we popped open the runny egg and mixed it with the addictive chilli rayu sauce. This dish was a flavour bomb and was actually the star of the meal.

Preserved Lemon Chicken Tsukune, $16

The other item we chose off the Izakaya Intro section was the Grilled Haloumi with Broccolini which was unexpectedly more salad than about the grilled haloumi (though that component was delicious). The rest of the leafy salad was drizzled in an intriguing Japanese curry powder and sesame sauce and it was a generous serving for the price.

Grilled Haloumi with Broccolini, $16

From the Main Stage part of the menu, we went with the Cloudy Bay Clams which were packed full of umami and savoury flavours thanks to the tomato and bonito schmaltz miso broth which the shellfish were cooked in.

Cloudy Bay Clams, $38

To satisfy our carb quota we made sure to order the Corn, Nori and Fish “Chahan” Fried Rice which turned out to be a very generous serving with an interesting blend of Japanese flavours and textures that kept this side dish from being too flat.

Corn, Nori and Fish “Chahan” Fried Rice, $18

All in all, the fusion flavours at Kid Kyoto hit the spot for our tastebuds and its convenient location in the CBD makes it a top contender for casual business lunches or social catch ups with a touch of punk luxe decor.

Kid Kyoto
17-19 Bridge Street, entry via, Bridge Lane, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9241 1991

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