30 Knots, Sydney CBD

Nestled away just around the corner from George Street is 30 Knots, another Merivale eatery that is extremely convenient but not particularly well known. It sits up on the upper levels of The Grand Hotel and seems much busier now than a couple months back when I first visited.

30 Knots has been transformed into a classy pub featuring cheap bar fare such as finger food, burgers, pasta and steak. The menu plugs their boutique James Squire tap beers by matching them with each dish.

Sweet Potato Fries Hummus, cumin salt & crispy parsley – $7

Upon ordering, you are given a buzzer and at the collection point you can choose your own sauces. We decide to have some fun and mix some chilli and aioli together. This sauce is delicious with our sweet potato fries which are like potato mash in a stick form. Although it’s served on a bed of hummus, it’s much better with our DIY sauce.

Prawn Linguine Pasta, Prawns deglazed with riesling tossed through chilli, garlic, cherry tomatoes & basil finished topped with parmesan – $18

Next up is the linguine which is cooked well and served with lots of thick tomato sauce. There are also a lot of prawns which is good in terms of value for money. I find there isn’t much chilli but I added some from the sauce counter to add some extra spice.

Lamb and Rosemary Bangers & Mash, Amber Ale braised onions, oven dried Roma tomato’s, spinach & red wine gravy – $16

Our last dish is the bangers and mash. The mash here is very flavoursome, absorbing the gravy flavours with its buttery texture. The sausage also has lots of rosemary which complements the lamb and is cooked just right. A winning dish!

I’m glad to know that Merivale has managed to create a pub that is down to earth without a trace of pretentiousness. Better still, they have delicious food at affordable prices as the place isn’t too busy on a Friday night despite its location. It’s a great place to start the night off with some good quality pub food.

30 Knots
Level 1, Grand Hotel
30 Hunter Street, Sydney, 2000
Ph: (02) 9232 3755

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9 Responses to 30 Knots, Sydney CBD

  1. What a great find! I need to pay more attention when I’m in the city. I really like the sound of those sweet potato fries.

  2. Woah, those fries look fabulous!

  3. I’m always glad when I find sweet potato fries in menus :) Although I must admit it’s very weird to serve them ON hummus.

  4. my partner and i went there after reading your review. we had planned to go on monday as we knew it would get rather busy towards the end of the week.
    when we arrived at 730pm, we noticed that the restaurant was closed – went downstairs to only be told that “yep, its closed” with no further reason

    weird, seeing as the website stated that it’s open 7 days :( very much disappointed, but we will try again next week!

    • Hi Tracey,

      That’s a horrible experience! I can’t believe they randomly closed for a day without providing a reason. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again, maybe next time you can try calling before hand to make sure they’re actually open and not sneakily closing again.

  5. Tracey T Tran

    I actually just called them again in hopes to have a second try, according to John who answered the phone 30 knots isn’t open on mondays?

    i hope they change the information on their website soon then! i guess we’ll just have to wait until the weekend :(

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