Honings Bakery, Hornsby

If you love your pastries, then you’ll be excited to hear that a new authentic Dutch bakery has touched down in Hornsby, right across from the train station. This family run business serves up freshly baked sweet flans featuring all sorts of fruits and they are made using traditional methods passed on through generations from their relatives in the Netherlands.

We don’t see many flans in Sydney and it’s a shame because they’re a healthier alternative to the tarts on offer elsewhere – instead the sweetness in these pastries is due to the various fruits and the custard filling which holds it all together. During their Grand Opening, we tried out a couple of their flans with different fruits and as I nibbled away, I was reminded of the delicious pastries I had while travelling around Europe. The winner of the bunch in my eyes is the Cherry Crumble because they do a fantastic job of bringing out the lovely, rich flavours of my favourite fruit and pairing it with their creamy custard to fill up their solid pastry base.

Clockwise from the front: Cherry Crumble, Apple Flan, Custard Crumble, Black Prunes Flan

Although the components of a flan are simple enough (pastry, fruit, custard), Honings does a skilful job of decorating them with neat lattices or a sprinkle of buttery crumble to top it all off. We only tried out the mini sized ones but they also do larger sized flans which are great to share with friends and family. It’s a very comforting kind of pastry to have because it tastes home-made and it’s a refreshing change from the usual suspects we get for dessert in Sydney.

As a side note for the coffee connoisseurs out there, Honings have also got you covered by matching their wonderful flans with locally roasted beans supplied by Withams Coffee and the smoothness of the coffees complement the flans well, earning a thumbs up from both myself and the boy. There are a couple of tables for those who want to dine in, but the mini flans are quite portable so it’s easy enough to grab one on the go!

Honings Bakery
Shop 514, 1C Burdett Street
Hornsby NSW 2077

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