La Petite Espresso & Slider Bar, Wynyard

It was only a matter of time before an eatery dedicated to sliders was opened in Sydney, and this one is a sparkling new takeaway bar at the Met Centre in Wynyard catering to the suits who work around there.

They had an enticing lunch special of $9 for 3 of their gourmet sliders and who can resist these cute little bite sized burgers in a variety of interesting flavours? Certainly not yours truly, and with my best friend we picked a few to sample, leaving the choice of bread up to the shop to surprise us with.

We ended up with the chicken pesto, lamb falafel and cheese burger sliders. The flavours were strong in the first 2 sliders but they weren’t particularly moreish and surprisingly, it was the humble cheeseburger with relish that was the winner of the lot.

Chicken pesto, lamb falafel and cheeseburger, $9 for 3

On first appearances, this sleek French themed eatery was a promising food court option for lunchbreaks, but I’m not sure I’ll be back for more given that 2/3 of our choices were disappointing.  Although maybe I’ll just come back for the cheeseburger as a classier alternative to scoffing down fast food!

La Petite Espresso & Slider Bar
Shop T17
The Met Centre
273 George St Sydney
Phone: (02) 9251 9991

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  • Jacq says:

    I’ve had the cheeseburger slider from here too and it was delicious! they’re so cute and I think the 3 for $9 is pretty good value

  • Annie says:

    I’ve walked past the Met Centre many times but never checked out the food. Definitely keen to try them out soon!

    • There’s heaps in the Met Centre! There’s also a good fish and chips place next door to the slider place 🙂 if you’re keen for a slider definitely recommend the cheeseburger one.

  • milkteaxx says:

    thats a nice addition to met centre! i shall make a slight detour and check it out!

  • Rachel says:

    I walked in this morning to buy my coffee and toast, what I saw was not really nice. The lady was touching things with her bare hands and than she served me without washing her hands or putting gloves on. This is really disgusting. People handling food should be more careful… I walked away.

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