Bei Amici Restaurant, Darling Point

Bei Amici is small restaurant tucked away in a quiet area of Darling Point serving up Swiss/Italian inspired food utilising organic ingredients. We visited tonight courtesy of MasterCard Priceless Sydney who wanted to showcase one of the dining partners participating in their Locally Famous program (we’ve also got a dinner for two here to give away – keep reading for details!). We rocked up at 7pm on a Saturday night and were one of the first tables to arrive, but within the hour it became a full house with a queue outside – booking is definitely recommended!

Fillet of Rainbow Trout roasted on Salt Rock (entree size) – $24

The food menu here is only one page however a lot of the mains also come in entree servings, which is what we decided to do with the rainbow trout. This was served lightly seared on a salad bed of Smoked Trout, Sorrel and Cucumber with Tasmanian Wasabi. It was light and fresh with some nice flavours from the wasabi which wasn’t too strong either, it complemented the trout very well.

Angel Hair Pasta with Alaskan King Crab – $35

After this we moved onto the mains and the pasta caught our eye straight away. The angel hair pasta was made perfectly – thin and al dente. Mixed in were some cherry tomatoes, olive oil, chilli, lemon and rocket which make a classic combination with the chunks of crab meat. The cherry tomatoes were very plump, sweet and balanced out the rocket very well, but I felt the dish could have had a bit more chilli as it wasn’t very discernible.

Glazed Ribs and Sausage of Suffolk Lamb – $36

For a meatier dish we opted for the lamb ribs which were so tender that they easily scraped right off the bone with my knife. The dish also contained a lamb sausage on the side which was juicy and highly reminiscent of the kebab meats from authentic Turkish restaurants. On the side was an eggplant, herb and seed salad which provided some citrus flavours and crunchy textures to the dish.

Crushed Organic Dutch Cream Potatoes – $10

For a side dish we couldn’t say no to the crushed potatoes infused with butter and chives – the perfect accompaniment to any meal. The intimate setting paired with the delicious food is a winning combination for Bei Amici. As one of MasterCard’s Priceless Sydney experiences, there’s also an offer to receive complimentary starters when you spend over $100 and pay with a MasterCard (this needs to be stated during the booking though to redeem the offer) – a pretty good incentive since my MasterCard credit card accumulates points as well, double win!

Thanks to MasterCard, you too could dine at Bei Amici as we’ve got a dinner for two to giveaway.
This competition has closed – congratulations to Karen for her winning entry!

Find out more about the MasterCard Priceless offers here.

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Bei Amici

Bei Amici Restaurant
2B Mona Rd, Darling Point NSW 2027
Ph: (02) 9328 0305

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  • Keziah says:

    Pappadelle, Free- Range Duck Ragu, majopram and roasted chestnuts sounds delicious if the pappadelle is soft and chewy. The chestnuts will also provide a nice difference in texture and bite to the dish as well.

  • Though never tired of the calamari fritti, I am excited by Bei Amici’s calamari dish with its contrasting combination of flavours and texture. Soft tender calamari with crunchy pistachio nuts. Tangy but sweet cavolo nero complimented by the saltiness of the ricotta salata. Yum!

  • Roberta says:

    Being an adventurous eater and appreciator of nose-to-tail cooking, I’d order the ‘Ragu of honey combe tripe, speck, cavolo nero, tomato & bruschetta’. Offals, when cooked well offer incredible flavour and using them for cooking is sustainable too.
    Also the slow cooking of a ragu always appeals to me on a menu! Delicious!

  • Um crushed potatoes infused with butter sounds like my kinda happiness!

  • Crushed Organic Dutch Cream Potatoes. I’m a potato fan hehe

  • Stacey Davis says:

    I’m a complete dessert fanatic so I hit up the dessert menu first! I love the sound of the Chocolate Mess. I’d love to see what textures of chocolate they involve. Plus I love a bit of honeycomb to top things off.

  • To win over the heart of my Mrs and end the night on a sweet high I’ll definitely be ordering the Chocolate Mess with different textures of chocolate and honeycomb. Surely the honeycomb will make it even better than Quay’s signature chocolate dessert 🙂

  • milkteaxx says:

    As much as i love sweets i would gladly take savoury over it ( It was a tough decision!) but i love the sound of Pappadelle, Free- Range Duck Ragu, majopram and roasted chestnuts! nothing beats freshly made pappardelle and ragu, especially duck. But the component that caught my eye the most was roasted chestnuts, they have a special place in my heart as they bring fond memories of family camping trips.

  • Karen says:

    Panfried fillet of Kingfish
    Is my favourite pick of dish
    Fused with organic fennel & peas
    Puts a healthy hunger at ease
    To taste the juice of mushroom pine,
    Go to Bei Amici and dine 🙂

    • Congratulations Karen, we have chosen you as the winner of the MasterCard Priceless Sydney competition – we loved your rhymes! We will be in touch with you over email regarding your prize.

  • Monike says:

    My Fave pick of the dish is the Roasted duck breast with celeriac puree,carrots, chestnuts and pickled plum. Interesting flavors combination I would love to try this one !

  • Padaek says:

    Excuse me Waiter! My pescetarian partner had asked me to order the panfried fillet of Kingfish – so may we start with one of those, please? – Merci!

  • mr.C says:

    Yvonne! Neil here. Delightful meeting you the other night. Usually I’m more reserved than anything else but I hoped we had a good time. Until next time! Or sooner.

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